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Before collecting food, clothing, shelter, money, or any other item, the single most important thing to account for in your emergency preparedness plan is water. It is essential to life, you need it more than food, and without it your survival gear won’t be complete. Water is the most common substance on earth. Though 70% of the earth is covered in water, less than 3% of the total water volume is fresh water that can be consumed by humans. And more than 80% of fresh water is in the form of glacial ice. I don’t know about anyone else’s situation...

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Unexpected and disastrous events can serve as a pointed reminder as to just how vulnerable we can be, and how easily things can slip beyond our control when a disaster occurs. When access to basic necessities become limited, people act out of the apparent need for self preservation, and it’s human nature to try and do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and our families. Recent Events1. In May 2010, nearly 2 million people in the Boston area lost access to clean drinking water. The order to boil water only lasted two days, but unless you were part of the...

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The first time I looked at the three different kinds of products sold on the Wise Food Insurance site I immediately thought of two categories of people who might pounce all over this thoughtful mix of food and equipment. This is my knee jerk reaction.The AdventurerEatIf you’re a thrill seeker you probably look at the freeze dried meals as lightweight camping food that can provide a means to eliminate weight from your pack and create extra space. You’ve got healthy breakfast options, a variety of filling dinners and soups, and enough carbohydrates and calories to keep your adventure going for...

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When it comes to having fresh, pure drinking water many of us turn to filtration systems to remove impurities from the tap water in our homes. And if you live in a house that’s got old plumbing like I do then a good water filter pitcher makes an obvious difference when it comes to taste, purity and clarity. Like shopping for any product, picking the best water filter pitcher is a game of weighing costs and benefits. So here’s a look at how the Seychelle water pitcher offered by Wise Food Insurance compares against a leading pitcher from Brita. Seychelle...

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The body is made up of 98 % water. The body needs water to subsist and if it doesn’t get it, it will let you know with a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms. Staying hydrated during a time of crisis should be a top priority. Recognizing the symptoms of dehydration is the first step to preventing it. It is always easier to prevent dehydration than to treat it! Every survival gear pack should include gear to stay hydrated.Dehydration will manifest itself with some preliminary symptoms progressing to more fatal ones. At the onset of dehydration, some of the symptoms are headaches,...

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