Accessorize Your Emergency Plan

Have you seen the cartoon of the man sitting in the middle of all of his canned food without a can opener? Don’t let that be you.  There are many other items needed for emergency preparedness besides emergency food. Here are a few items we recommend for accessorizing your emergency plan:

  • Can Opener – Self-explanatory.
  • Fire Extinguisher – It is important to have one on each floor of your home and in the kitchen.  Check them regularly.
  • Water – There are many ways to store it.  Find what works for you, and make sure you have enough.
  • Generator – This is one of those things that would be VERY nice to have handy in an emergency.
  • Sterno or other fuel for cooking – You can’t cook food if your oven doesn’t work.
  • Blankets – These can be used a number of ways in an emergency such as shelter, warmth, comfort, etc.
  • Gasoline in your car tank – I heard once that you should always keep your tank more than half- full, just in case.
  • Cash – The banks might not be open.  Stash some cash somewhere in your house for emergencies.
  • Extra food for pets and/or babies – Sometimes they eat different things.  Also don’t forget formula if you have a baby.
  • Pet Leash – It would be necessary in an evacuation center or anywhere outside of your home.
  • Things for kids to do – In case you have to leave the house, you may want to include some paper and crayons or word searches in your emergency planning for children.  You could also add some books for older kids.
  • Flashlights – Make sure you have extra batteries.
  • Battery-powered radio – Again, store extra batteries.
  • A good water filter – This would be great to have if your stored water supply runs out.
  • Tent – Store one with your emergency supplies.  It would be nice to have if you need to sleep outside, or even in an evacuation center for privacy.
  •  Prescription Medication – If possible, keep an extra bottle of medication in your emergency supplies and rotate it through so it doesn’t expire.

So while leaving the house without a fabulous handbag or stylish watch may not be the end of the world, when it comes to emergency preparedness, the right accessories can make or break you!

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