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In support of the Red Cross’s official National Hurricane Preparedness Week, Legacy CEO Phil Cox offers the following tips for how to prepare for hurricanes right now.  Weather experts predict that this year U.S. states along the Atlantic will experience only two hurricanes, another “below average” season like last year’s. How strong they will be and how much damage they will create, however, is still up for debate. While it is difficult to know with what force these hurricanes will approach until they are already in action, past experience shows how imperative it is to prepare for this force of nature to prevent as much...

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Picture this: You have found yourself in a survival-type situation. Luckily, you were well prepared with emergency food, water, and supplies when the survival situation first began, but it has been several months, and your food supply is running low. It’s time to turn to nature for some added sustenance. You walk outside and look around you. There is enough plant life outside to feed everyone, but how do you know which plants are edible and which ones are potentially poisonous? This situation is not the stuff of science fiction novels. Every single person who has found him/herself in a...

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All too often, people who find themselves in emergency situations realize that they may have food to last them for several days, but they have absolutely no way to cook their food without power. Emergency situations often include a loss of power for some period of time, and if you don’t have a backup method of cooking your food, you’re going to have to do a lot of raw eating. There are a variety of emergency cookstoves, dutch ovens, and barbecues to choose from if you’ve planned in advance, but today we are going to talk about solar cooking, a...

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      Did you know that in most parts of the U.S., right now (late winter and into early spring) is a good time to get the pruning scissors out and trim those fruit trees you’ve got growing? If you’ve hesitated to tackle the tree pruning before, today we offer some basics of tree trimming to help you get your fruit trees in their best, most fruitful condition. Why is Fruit-Tree Pruning Important? Pruning your fruit trees offers the following benefits: 1. Pruning helps a tree to have a good basic structure to be able to bear the weight...

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T.S. Eliot said that April is the cruellest month, but he was wrong. February is surely the champion of cruel months. From the dirty snow that’s been heaped along the sidewalks since November’s first storm to the grey skies that make it seem like evening all day long, February, in my opinion, is winter outstaying its welcome, and even though it’s the shortest month of the year, it usually feels interminable. Worst of all, for many of us February is also a month of icy cold temperatures, resulting in pricey heating bills. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to...

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