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Don't be fooled by food storage companies that promise the lowest cost per serving without knowing what you are truly purchasing from them.  Serving sizes are vastly different in the food storage space and only Legacy Premium offers normal size serving portions, whereas everyone else simply cuts the amount of food in half to lower their cost per serving.  Legacy's average serving size is 370 calories, whereas most other companies give you less than 250 calories per serving.  To get the most amount of food for your money, look at cost per calorie or how heavy the package is. By looking at how much food you are really getting for your money you are going to get the Best Value there is! Legacy Premium always strives to be the leader in providing the healthiest, heartiest, and most affordable food storage to protect your loved ones!!

See How Legacy Premium Compares

Package Name Premium 720 Servings 720 Serving Package Basic 3-month Food Storage 1 year Food Supply 632 Entree Plan 1440 Serving Bucket
Total Cost (with Shipping) $1,650.00 $1,505.00 $1,839.99 $1,995.95 $1,646.99 $1,510.00
Total Package Weight 184.5 lb 120 lb 135 lb Unpublished 135 lb 112 lb
Cost per Pound of Food 8.94 per lb $12.54 per lb $13.63 per lb Unknown $12.20 per lb $13.48 per lb
Total Calories 267,360 Total Calories 175,800 Total Calories 139,580 Total Calories 233,760 Total Calories 141,690 Total Calories 184,720 Total Calories
Avg. Calories per Serving 370 Calories per Serving 244 calories per serving 220 calories per serving 180 calories per serving 224 calories per serving 171 calories per serving
Cost per 2,000 Calories $12.34 $17.12 $26.36 $17.08 $23.29 $16.35
Gluten Free Options Available
Total of 2,000 Calorie Days 134 days 88 Days 70 Days 117 Days 71 Days 92 Days
No MSG or AYE (autolyzed yeast extract)
No Artificial Flavors
Nitrogen Flushed Mylar Pouches
Oxygen Absorbers in Every Pouch Unknown
Residual O2 Content 0.11% Average Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stackable Storage Buckets Unknown
FREE Shipping Orders Over $1000
Time to Ship 2-5 Business Days Unknown 9-13 Business Days 7-10 Business Days 9-13 Business Days Unknown
Preservative Free
"I keep eating these meals and can't stop. My kids love them too. They taste great so we use them often. We need to store them, since that is what they are for"
"I ordered samples from all the food storage companies out there and Legacy Premium was by far the best. Legacy emergency food tastes amazing and the deals are way better!"
Melissa A.
"Everything tastes great and is very easy to make. Seems like this would be the perfect food to have in a crisis."
"I would recommend this food to anyone who needs food storage. Everything has tasted pretty good and the buckets stack nicely."