Premium 360 Serving Package - 92 lbs
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Price: 1,040.00
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Questions? (888)543-7345

Legacy Premium's 360-serving supply of emergency meals is a wise choice to make when you are looking for a reliable preparedness food supply. Equipped with enough food to feed 2 people 3 meals a day for 2 months, the entire supply comes packaged in 3 lightweight, stackable buckets that will fit almost anywhere in your home. When you purchase the 2-month package, you make a wise decision by choosing a comprehensive yet compact emergency preparedness supply.

Package Information
Total Servings: 360
Total Weight: 93 lbs
Total Calories: 143,880
Serving Size: 1.5 Cups

Stock up wisely with Legacy's 2-month supply of preparedness meals.

Legacy Premium makes getting equipped with high-quality preparedness food affordable and practical for everyone. Not only are Legacy's 2-month emergency meals wisely packaged so that they are easy to store and have a long term shelf life, they are also made with high-quality, gourmet ingredients that will nourish your body in disaster situations. With no GMOs, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, or MSG, Legacy food storage is all about building bodies up, not tearing them down. This is because Legacy recognizes what is wise to feed the body when it needs nourishment the most, and that's something not all emergency food storage companies can say.

But Legacy's preparedness food isn't just for emergencies. Take it along on your hiking and camping trips for a lightweight and easy-to-prepare meal, or mix it up on a busy week night when you don't feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Simply add boiling water, simmer, and your meal is ready. When you have Legacy's 2-month supply of food in your cupboard, you not only have emergency preparedness, you also have options for life.

Purchase the 2-month supply today and take a wise step toward achieving total emergency preparedness.

Premium 360 Serving Package
Servings 360
Avg. Calories Per Serving 399.67
Total Calories 143,880
2,000 Calorie Days 71.94
Cost Per LB $11.18
Cost Per 2000 Calories $14.46
Residual O2 Content 0.11%
Configuration Pouches in Buckets
Large Buckets 3
Medium Buckets -
Small Buckets -
Loose pouches -
Total Pouches 90
Package Weight 93 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions 4.77 Cubic Feet
Shipping Configuration Boxes

Product Contents

The 360 Serving Package from Legacy Premium includes 4 different breakfasts (120 servings total) and 12 different entrees (240 servings total). For nutritional information on each meal, please scroll down to the "Nutritional Information" section below.

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Package Name Premium 360
Serving Package
360 Serving
360 Serving
Breakfast, Lunch,
and Dinner Bucket
720 Serving
Cost with Shipping $1,040.00 $949.99 $648.86 $830.00
Calories 143,880 77,000 83,380 95,040
Average Calories per Serving 399.67
214 213 183
Cost per 2000 Calories $14.46 $24.68 $15.56 $17.47
Cost per LB $11.18 $15.83 Unknown $14.82
Package Weight (lb) 93 lb 60 lb Undisclosed 56 lb
Meal Selection 12 Entrees
4 Breakfasts
13 Entrees
4 Breakfasts
7 Entrees
3 Breakfasts
8 Entrees
4 Breakfasts
Non-GMO, High in Fiber , Low Fat , Low Sodium , Nitrogen Flushed Pouches , No HFCS , No MSG Added, Uses Sea Salt , Oxygen Absorbers , Vegetarian Friendly

*** Due to ingredient delays and supply shortages, contents of buckets may vary slightly from list below. Calorie counts per package will be similar to what is listed above ***