Freeze Dried Breakfast Food Storage

Legacy is the premier supplier in the food storage industry for freeze dried breakfast meals. No other food storage supplier offers the taste, quality, selection and value that you get from Legacy company. Enjoy delicious freeze dried food storage breakfasts.

120 Serving Breakfast Bucket - 36 lbs

The most important meal of the day just got an emergency makeover, thanks to Legacy Premium's breakfast bucket. Imagine 120 hot breakfast meals, ready the instant you want them but freeze-dried and...

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$ 330.00

Bulk Whole Egg Powder

Consider adding eggs, a versatile protein source, when building your supply of long shelf life bulk foods. Eggs are considered to be the perfect protein since they are low in fat and...

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$ 58.00

350 Serving Ground Coffee Bucket with French Press

Having a supply of ground coffee in your food storage pantry for emergency situations not only gives you the energy you need to endure difficult times; it also provides a sense of...

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$ 199.00

Dried Cheese Powder

Dairy products and long shelf life may sound incompatible, but Legacy Essentials dried cheese powder makes it a reality. Made from real cheese that has been dried and packaged, Legacy food storage...

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$ 27.99

100% Pure Honey - Raw and Unfiltered

Adding 100% Pure Honey to your emergency food supply is a fantastic choice because of the virtually unlimited shelf life and health benefits that this natural wonder brings. Legacy Food's honey, whether...

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$ 42.00

Peanut Butter Powder

You never know when you will find yourself in the middle of an emergency. Legacy offers everything from meals, to supplies, to drinks to make sure your long term emergency food storage...

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$ 24.99

USDA Grade "A" Powdered Milk

Milk does a body good and so does Legacy Essentials emergency powdered milk mix. Add milk powder mix to your emergency food storage supply and see how easily the powder mixes with water to...

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$ 22.99

Fruit Assortment Variety Pack

Emergency food storage is very important to have. Whether you've experienced an emergency in the past, or are just preparing in case of an emergency in the future, you will want to...

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