Fruit Assortment Variety Pack

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Emergency food storage is very important to have. Whether you've experienced an emergency in the past, or are just preparing in case of an emergency in the future, you will want to have an assortment of foods in your emergency storage. Having a variety will ensure you won't have a lot of monotony. Adding freeze dried fruit, will help with the monotony, as well as let you experience the succulent flavors of fresh fruit, without having to worry about spoiling.

Package Information
6 Bags of Fruits
Great for Daily Use
Delicious Snacks
*Packages Sold by Weight*

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Emergency Food Storage Fruit Assortment

Having a food storage ensures you and your family will be prepared for an emergency. The assortment of freeze dried and dehydrated fruit, not only gives you variety, but also ensures you get extra vitamins and minerals other emergency food storage may not contain.

The freeze dried process makes it easy to eat fruit straight from the bag, or can be soaked in water for a few minutes, rejuvenating the fruit to taste as juicy as fresh fruit.

The emergency freeze dried fruit assortment includes succulent pineapple, packed with vitamin C to boost your family's immune system, sweet strawberries, offering your family potassium and antioxidants, apples, containing the fiber and iron your family needs in their diet, bananas high in potassium, healthy carbohydrates, and iron to help sustain your family's energy in an emergency, and last but not least freeze dried blueberries. Blueberries are a superfruit packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and mineral, and contain a prevention agent for several types of cancers.

Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency fruit are packaged into a nitrogen flushed mylar pouch, have an oxygen absorber, and are vacuum sealed to keep moisture , light, and air out. The dehydrated and freeze dried fruit assortment has up to a 10-15 year shelf life! This pack makes it easy to add flavor to your emergency food storage without taking up a lot of room.

Included Fruits -

  • Pineapple - 35 Servings (1/4 Cup per serving)
  • Bananas - 34 Servings (1/4 Cup per serving)
  • Apples - 25 Servings ea. (1/4 Cup per serving)
  • Strawberries - 22 Servings (1/4 Cup per serving)
  • Blueberries - 60 Servings (1/4 Cup per serving)
  • Peaches - 28 Servings (1/4 Cup per serving)

Legacy Essentials Features -

  • Freeze Dried and Dehydrated, High-Quality Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Resealable Bag
  • Optional Heavy-duty Plastic, Stackable Bucket
  • Food will last up to 1 year after breaking seal
  • Bag Stands Easily on a Shelf
  • Up to 10-15 Year Shelf Life
  • Great addition to your food storage or Perfect for Daily Use
  • Simple to Prepare - Just Add Water to Rehydrate
  • *Please note produce can vary in density, packages and servings are sold by weight, not volume.*