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Free Shipping on Domestic Orders
What is the subscription program?
Our Subscribe & Save program offers a 20% discount and free shipping on some of our most popular items. You can select the frequency of your shipments anywhere from every 30 days on up to 90 days. Please note this special offer is only valid on select items. You always have complete control over the subscription and can modify delivery times, payment methods, and cancel at any time through our subscription portal. If you need any help you can also reach out to us directly and we can help you get your subscription adjusted. We know not everyone can place a large order all at once and hope that this option allows you to build your food storage supplies in a convenient, easy, and cost-effective way!

*Please note, if no orders are made for 180 days your subscription will automatically be cancelled*

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Do you offer payment plans, especially on your bigger packages?
We are pleased to offer financing and monthly payment plans through Affirm. Affirm offers instant decisions and will provide payment plans for 3,6, or 12 month periods with NO down payment required and only the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. In order to see your options, add your item to cart and proceed to checkout. Click on the Affirm payment options on the payment page and you will be redirected to their site to get final approval. As soon as your payment processes, your order will ship and you can immediately have your product in hand, with monthly payments to follow. Please call us with any further questions or concerns.
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How long will it take to receive my order?
Legacy Food Storage uses FEDEX Ground for standard shipping on all orders in the lower 48 States*. Most orders arrive in 3-5 business days from date of purchase. 

* Additional rates apply on orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and APOs.*

** During high demand times, know that shipping times may increase. Please ask a representative current shipping times if you have a date sensitive order. **

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Do you offer international shipping?
We do not offer shipments outside of the United States.  Legacy Premium has exclusive dealers in many countries and places around the world.  Please contact Legacy Premium directly on how to buy their product if you are an international visitor.Back to Top
What is your return/cancellation policy?
Because we offer products from three different partners, there are specific return details and warranty information for each respective category of the Legacy Food Storage site: Food, Water and Power. Please refer to our Return Policy page for details.

All canceled orders are subject to a $10 or 5% restocking fee, whichever is greater.

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Will the products in my order be shipped together?
If your order contains a combination of products from any of our categories (Food, Water, Power), or if you order a Preparedness Package, you may receive separate parcels for each category item. Although the contents of your order should be delivered together, it’s possible that parcels included in your order may arrive at separate times.Back to Top
How Does Free Shipping work?
If you live in the lower 48 states of the USA and make a purchase, your entire order will be shipped to you free of charge. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico residents will be charged extra due to the added expense to ship to these locations.Back to Top
Are there any limitations or restrictions on coupon usage?
Coupons are intended to be a limited time only, special offer for our customers. Coupons cannot be combined with other offers, coupons, sales, or promotions unless specifically stated. When using the Subscribe and Save option to save 20% off of your purchase, no other coupons are valid or can be combined with that offer. Most coupons are a one-time use only coupon, monitored by the email address that is used with the purchase. Back to Top


What kind of packaging does Legacy Premium come in?
Legacy Premium Food Storage comes in six-serving Nitrogen flushed Mylar pouches with an Oxygen Absorber placed inside. With this unique process of double protection against residual oxygen levels, Legacy Premium pouches have way less than 2%, the bare minimum standard level of oxygen for long-term food storage. The pouches are then stored in stackable, heavy-duty , BPA-free polyethylene buckets that are perfect for storage. Each bucket has convenient handles or grips that makes it easy to transport and weighs less than 40 pounds. The buckets help provide protection from water damage and rodents. Interested in our Quality Control Process? Click Here.Back to Top
Do you offer any vegetarian products?
Most of the meals on this site are vegetarian friendly, the only exception being our selection of freeze dried meats. Legacy Premium decided to eliminate meats from their meal offerings in order to maintain nutritional value for longer periods of time while being stored.  Real meat contains fatty oils and amino acids, which break down over time and can lead to loss of taste and nutrition. So not only are our meals vegetarian friendly, but they taste great and will last for years to come without the need to rotate them.Back to Top
How much water do I need for a meal?
On average you will need one-cup water per serving. Although not mandatory, hot or boiling water is recommended for preparation.Back to Top
What is the best way to store freeze-dried food?
Like any type of food storage, freeze dried food is best preserved when stored in a cool, dark place that maintains a fairly consistent temperature.Back to Top
How long can Legacy Premium meals be stored?
When kept in optimum conditions as outlined above, freeze dried food can be stored safely and securely up to 25 years with no need for rotation.Back to Top
What is the right amount of food storage to purchase?
Start by creating a food storage plan based on the needs of your family, which will vary depending on the level of preparedness you’re looking to obtain. Since the requirements of each household are different, utilize our Food Storage Calculator along with your plan to help you identify the best options.Back to Top
How heavy are the food storage packages?
In order to help you understand how much each package weighs in preparation for moving and storing your food storage purchase, each item has a total package weight on the product detail page. Listed as "Total Package Weight", "Package Weight" or "Total Weight", these all refer to the complete shipping weight of the product.Back to Top
Why are some Mylar bags tight and some loose?
With the innovative freeze-drying process, nutrients are locked in and sealed in a mylar pouch with an oxygen-controlled environment. The tightness of the pouch will depend on the density, gas levels, and size of the product. The pouches do not need to be skin-tight with this extensive process to maintain longevity. Every bag has an oxygen absorber and will remove oxygen for achieving long-term storage.Back to Top
"I keep eating these meals and can't stop. My kids love them too. They taste great so we use them often. We need to store them, since that is what they are for"
"I ordered samples from all the food storage companies out there and Legacy Premium was by far the best. Legacy emergency food tastes amazing and the deals are way better!"
Melissa A.
"Everything tastes great and is very easy to make. Seems like this would be the perfect food to have in a crisis."
"I would recommend this food to anyone who needs food storage. Everything has tasted pretty good and the buckets stack nicely."