The Best Value in Practical Emergency Water Storage

See our comparison chart below and you'll quickly see that Water Boxes by Legacy offer the best value in the storable water. It makes a critical addition to your emergency food & water storage.

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  • Best Water Storage ValueNo other method of long term water storage provides better value.
  • PortableLegacy water boxes are convenient and easy to move, empty or full.
  • CollapsibleUnlike most water storage methods, water boxes collapse flat for easy storage, moving and shipping.
  • StackableHeavy-duty boxes stack easily for maximum convenience.
  • Re-UsableLegacy water boxes can be refilled and reused indefinitely.

Emergency Survival Supplies - Water

  Legacy™ Water Box Water Brick™ 55 Gallon Water Barrel 500 Gallon Tank Aqua-Tainer™
Price Per Gallon $4.00 $7.22 $3.34 $2.69 $3.42
Size Per Container 5 Gallons - 10.5"x10.5"x15" 3.5 gallons 9"x18"x6" 55 gallons 22"x22"x36" 500 gallons 49"x49"x67" 7 gallons 11"x11"x15.5"
Unfilled Weight 1.5 lbs./each 2.75 lbs./each 30 lbs. 230 lbs. 2.24 lbs./each
Filled Weight 42 lbs./each 31 lbs./each 480 lbs. 4150 lbs. 60 lbs./each
Stackable? Only 2 High
Portability Easy Easy Difficult Easy
Spigot Included?
Fill Kit Included?
Purification Kit Included?

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