Portable Food Storage Kits

Single portable food storage buckets by Legacy food storage make the perfect grab and go food kits for quick, portable food. Light weight freeze dried meals are perfect for any emergency. The perfect portable food kit for flood, tornado and other natural disasters.

183 Serving MEGA Sample Pack

The 183-serving Mega Sample Pack from Legacy includes a sampler pouch of every emergency breakfast, entree, side, and drink (including coffee!) that Legacy Premium provides. Because it offers a chance to sample...

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$ 380.00

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16 Serving Family Entree Sample Pack

Buying food storage can be a big commitment. That's why it's important to sample survival meals before you buy to ensure you get the best product for your money. When you buy...

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$ 46.00

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32 Serving Family 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit

When you buy the 32-serving food storage kit, you pay a small price for peace of mind knowing you have reliable emergency meals put away. Legacy's 32-serving kit includes 8 emergency meal...

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$ 99.00

Now Only: $ 88.00

60 Serving Entree Bucket

Stressful disaster situations are not the time to force your family to eat food they don't like. With Legacy Premium's 60-serving entree bucket in your pantry, you will be equipped with 60...

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$ 210.00

Now Only: $ 185.00

60 Serving Breakfast Bucket

Whether you are getting ready for long-term survival situations or gearing up for outdoor adventures, Legacy Premium's food storage breakfast bucket is the perfect addition to your food storage supplies. Packed with...

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$ 175.00

Now Only: $ 150.00

60 Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Bucket

Disaster preparedness is a click away with Legacy Premium's 60-serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Bucket. When you buy this disaster-ready food storage supply, you get nearly three weeks' worth of dehydrated breakfast,...

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$ 199.00

Now Only: $ 175.00

120 Serving Entree Bucket

For a convenient way to build your emergency food supply, regardless if you're planning for 72 hours or a year plus, consider the 120 Serving Entree bucket. You will love Legacy Premium's...

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$ 375.00

Now Only: $ 325.00

120 Serving Breakfast Bucket

The most important meal of the day just got an emergency makeover, thanks to Legacy Premium's breakfast bucket. Imagine 120 hot breakfast meals, ready the instant you want them but freeze-dried and...

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$ 305.00

Now Only: $ 265.00

120 Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Bucket

For easy, "grab and go" emergency-ready food storage, choose the 120 serving combo bucket from Legacy Premium. Bask in the four different breakfast options and 19 lunch/dinner meal choices that are instantly...

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$ 345.00

Now Only: $ 299.00

79 Serving Freeze Dried Chicken and Entree Combo Bucket

Adding freeze dried chicken to Legacy Premium entrees has been a fan favorite for a long time and just got a bit simpler. Introducing the Freeze Dried Chicken and Entree...

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$ 270.00

Now Only: $ 235.00

79 Serving Freeze Dried Beef and Entree Combo Bucket

The 79 Serving Meat and Entree Combo bucket from Legacy Food Storage combines two of our favorite things: delicious, hearty entrees and succulent freeze dried beef! This combo...

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$ 270.00

Now Only: $ 235.00

158 Serving Freeze Dried Chicken, Beef and Entree Combo Bucket

We have simplified emergency food storage by combining freeze dried chicken and beef into a single bucket packed with great tasting Legacy Food Storage entrees. These huge, 13-gallon buckets are...

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$ 449.00

Now Only: $ 399.00

60 Serving Entree Bucket

Looking to add delicious, filling meals to your long term emergency food supplies? Look no further than the 56 Hearty Serving Pasta Bucket by Legacy Food Storage. Enjoy 4 incredibly tasty pasta...

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$ 180.00

Now Only: $ 159.00

2 Person 72 hour 2,000 Calorie per day Kit

Anytime you store a variety of foods, you avoid the possibility of having to deal with meal fatigue. Legacy Premium's two-person 72-hour meal kit provides a variety of meals that's sure to...

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$ 99.00

Now Only: $ 90.00

2 Week 2,000 Calorie a day Food Bucket

Whether you need to add variety to your existing food storage or are just starting out on emergency preparedness, Legacy Premium's Two-week Emergency Meal Kit is an excellent option for top-quality emergency...

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4 Person 72 hour 2,000 Calorie per day Kit

Whether it's on outdoor adventures, during an emergency situation, or simply on a busy weeknight, serve your family delicious, gourmet meals with Legacy Premium's 72-hour disaster food kit. This deluxe bucket of...

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$ 140.00

Now Only: $ 130.00

16 Serving Gluten Free Sample Pack

Having the opportunity sample emergency food before you buy a large pack is a luxury many companies don't provide. Legacy Premium has created a 16-Serving Gluten Free Sample Pack that allows you...

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$ 58.00

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32 Serving Gluten Free 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit

Having an emergency 72-hour kit is critical in today's unstable world, but don't forgot to have an emergency food supply with those preparations! And for those who suffer from a form of...

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$ 108.00

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