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25 Year Shelf Life

Independently tested & rated. Reliable storage of fuel & heat.

Lowest Cost per Hour

of Burn Time—ThermaFuel burns hot, consistent, and affordable. See chart below

100% Safe

Safe to ship, safe to use indoors or outdoors without smoke, odor, toxic fumes or carbon monoxide.


Screw the lid back on to extinguish. Can keeps until you are ready to use again.

Consistent Heat

Four wicks produce a hot, consistent and reliable flame for heat and cooking emergency food.

Emergency Survival Supplies - Fuel



QuickStove DisksTM

Utility FlameTM

Sterno Cooking FuelTM

$2.49 per Disk
$1.99 Each
4 Cans
2 Gallon Bucket - 64 Burns
3.5 oz
1.25 oz per pouch
6 Cans, 6.10 oz
Burn Time
16+ Hours(4+ per can)
8 Hours Total / 15 Mins per 1/2 cup
30 Mins per Disk
14-15 Mins per pouch
2 Hours per can
Cost Per Hour of Burn Time
$2.18 per Hour
$2.50 per Hour
$4.98 per Hour
$7.96 per Hour
$2.08 per Hour
Fuel Source
Diethylene Glycol
Diethylene Glycol
Corn-based Ethanol
Shelf Life
25+ years
30 Years
25 Year
12 Year
25 Years
Time to Boil Water
15 Minutes for 6 Cups
10-15 Minues for 2 Cups
Poor, N/A
3.5 Minutes for 1 Cup
30-40 Minutes for 2 Cups
Environmentally Friendly
Indoor Safe
Water Resistant
Non-Toxic Fumes
Consistent Heat Level
Easy to Re-Use
Best Uses
Cooking, Fire Starter
Fire Starter
Fire Starter
Cooking, Fire Starter
Keeping Food Warm
"I ordered samples from all the food storage companies out there and Legacy Premium was by far the best. Legacy emergency food tastes amazing and the deals are way better!"
Melissa A.
"I would recommend this food to anyone who needs food storage. Everything has tasted pretty good and the buckets stack nicely."
"Everything tastes great and is very easy to make. Seems like this would be the perfect food to have in a crisis."
"I keep eating these meals and can't stop. My kids love them too. They taste great so we use them often. We need to store them, since that is what they are for"