Emergency Freeze Dried Meat Food Storage

Find a great selection of freeze dried meats for your emergency food storage. Choose from beef, chicken or mixed meats that are freeze dried for long term emergency food storage. Compare Legacy to other freeze dried meat suppliers on quality, taste and value.

100% USDA Freeze Dried Beef Dices

Eating delicious, high-quality meat doesn't have to be a thing of the past when you are in an emergency situation. When you have a supply of Legacy Essentials' freeze-dried beef in your...

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$ 74.00

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100% USDA Freeze Dried Chicken Dices

If your food storage fare seems a little dull, add a delicious supply of Legacy's freeze-dried chicken to your pantry and ensure your family will get well-rounded nutrition in a disaster. This...

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$ 65.00

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Freeze Dried Mixed Meats for Emergency Storage

Disaster situations don't have to involve your family starving or subsisting on food storage that is barely edible. On the contrary, meal time can be gourmet in emergencies when you make wise...

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$ 380.00

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