Family Preparedness

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Tornados are not anything like they say. They say it sounds like a freight train. They say it’s green and menacing. But to be honest, often you don't even know there is a tornado. It's just a loud storm and maybe an alert or siren. Even when a tornado is a few yards from your house, you may not even know it existed until daybreak. It's the next morning after the tornado when everything really starts picking up speed. I started writing about the mental aspects of emergency preparedness after surviving an EF4 tornado that ripped through our community, leaving...

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A Short List to Feeling Prepared Tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes are just a few of the very common reasons why Legacy Food Storage, as a company, exists. Having shelf stable food in an emergency is always welcome.  In times of crisis store shelves become bare, trucks are unable to complete deliveries or are delayed due to storm damaged roads, you may have no electricity and be unable to communicate with those you love.  Great examples would be the unexpected Texas ice storm or the damaging hurricane winds in suburban Iowa. The year 2020 brought us a whole new reason to...

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, - December 30, 2013

By Phil Cox, CEO, Legacy Food Storage From food shortages and natural disasters to political unrest and economic uncertainty, the world is not a predictable place. A National Geographic Channel survey conducted in 2012 found that even though 64 percent of Americans surveyed thought the U.S. would experience a significant earthquake or other major emergency state within the next 25 years, a staggering 25 percent said they have done nothing to prepare for it.  Not good. For many people, this inactivity is due in large part to a lack of knowledge about how exactly to get started. To help you...

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