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Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, and fires- Oh My! They happen without warning and hit hard. You need to be prepared, Your life depends on it. Most people need a little help to figure out how to get prepared. This is why we’ve compiled what we think are some of the better books on emergency preparedness and to help you know exactly what actions to take in the event of a disaster.How do you know which authors are experts and which ones are a waste of space? The guide below lays out some of the best books for surviving the first...

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Every new chapter of life is an adventure, and it took plenty of thought, research, preparation and hard work to get to this moment. So we’ve determined that today is monumental for us as we officially turn the page, and announce the launch of the Buy Emergency Foods blog. Long before this exciting moment we realized that the foundation of being truly prepared for an urgent situation consisted of three basic necessities: Food: Most people can go longer without food than they can without water, but the two work in tandem. Sustaining your energy with simple to prepare meals that...

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