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Picture this: You have found yourself in a survival-type situation. Luckily, you were well prepared with emergency food, water, and supplies when the survival situation first began, but it has been several months, and your food supply is running low. It’s time to turn to nature for some added sustenance. You walk outside and look around you. There is enough plant life outside to feed everyone, but how do you know which plants are edible and which ones are potentially poisonous? This situation is not the stuff of science fiction novels. Every single person who has found him/herself in a...

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If you are in the process of putting away food storage to prepare for emergencies, chances are at some point in the process, you have or are going to feel overwhelmed by the task before you. Planning for unknown circumstances is always a challenge, and to top it off, there is a variety of (often conflicting) information in the food storage world about what and how to store your emergency food. Before you get too frustrated and give up, take a look at the most important rules of emergency food storage. 1. DO SOMETHING. When we have a big task...

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When a survival situation arises and you go to your cupboard to break out the emergency food you have had stashed away for ages, do you want to be anxiously sniffing it and crossing your fingers that it’s still good and not going to make you very sick? I’m guessing you probably want to be able to trust that the food storage you have spent so much time and effort collecting is going to last as long as it is advertised to. A reliably long shelf life—specifically, 25 years or more—is vital in food storage products for several reasons. Long...

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What goes into the food you eat matters—especially if it’s food for your food storage. When you buy emergency food, you buy it with the aim of keeping your family safe and provided for in an emergency situation. It’s only logical then that you would make sure the emergency food you buy is actually safe and free of harmful ingredients. Did you know that Legacy Premium food is the only emergency food on the market that is certified to be 100% free of genetically modified ingredients? Many of you know why being GMO-free is important, but if you are one...

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Wandering around any food storage supply store, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there are a slew of different types of emergency food methods—canned foods, bulk grains, meals ready-to-eat, freeze dried and dehydrated meals, and emergency food bars, to name just a few. The eager prepper embarking on her self-reliance journey can easily become overwhelmed at the different options available. Which type of food storage is the best? As you know, Legacy Premium offers emergency food that is a mix of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. We have chosen this method because we think it is the best...

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