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Now you can feel even better about purchasing your long term food storage with us! Our partner, Legacy Premium, just announced enhancements to their packaging process that will dramatically decrease residual oxygen levels. From now on, every pouch of Legacy Premium we sell will have an oxygen absorber sealed inside. Read the company’s press release below for more details… Legacy Premium Raises the Bar on Packaging in the Freeze-Dried Foods Industry – New Packaging will Set Standard for Long Lasting Pre-Made Emergency Food A study conducted by the University of Minnesota confirms the effectiveness of this improved packaging method, reporting...

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The United States government website on emergency preparedness recommends three key things: (1) get an emergency supply kit, (2) make a family emergency plan, and (3) be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate responses. It is further recommended that you keep an emergency supply kit at home and one in each car.A minimum of three days worth of water, nonperishable survival food, a first aid kit, and clothing are among the emergency preparedness supplies you should have on hand, and they should be updated for the seasons. With winter quickly approaching, now is...

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Emergency preparedness is a necessary reality in today’s world. The ever-changing climate and terrorist threats mean that our food and water supply, and therefore our survival, could be compromised at any time without notice. It is up to us to prepare ourselves to be able to survive if there is a disaster by storing water, survival food and supplies. We can also incorporate some of the principles of Permaculture into our emergency preparedness.Simply put, Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability. It is an understanding of the relationships between elements in nature and the ecology of how things interrelate....

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Emergency food storage is a large target for common pest infestations. Mice, rats, ants, moths, weevils, and silverfish all seek out stashes of food to call home. Keeping your survival food free from these pests is challenging to say the least. It requires a little research, some planning and a lot of diligence. Chemicals and insecticides are not recommended around food storage, so part of the challenge is finding safe methods of keeping these vermin away. Even if these products are not in the vicinity of your food, they are still harmful beyond the animals you are trying to control....

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Every once in a while I like to choose a product offered by Legacy Premium and offer a little perspective on the benefits it may instill into a well drawn up emergency preparedness plan. In previous posts I’ve covered great power and water products, so today I thought I’d hit on a simple, yet sustainable solution from the emergency food section of the site.The 90 Serving Entree bucket from Wise Food Insurance is compact, affordable, and includes enough food in one safe and durable bucket to provide an adult with three servings of food a day for an entire month,...

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