Survival Skills

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Picture this: You have found yourself in a survival-type situation. Luckily, you were well prepared with emergency food, water, and supplies when the survival situation first began, but it has been several months, and your food supply is running low. It’s time to turn to nature for some added sustenance. You walk outside and look around you. There is enough plant life outside to feed everyone, but how do you know which plants are edible and which ones are potentially poisonous? This situation is not the stuff of science fiction novels. Every single person who has found him/herself in a...

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Being mentally prepared for emergencies is not something we talk about very often when we discuss disaster preparedness, but it may be the most important survival skill of all. Physical preparedness (having food and water stored, etc) will keep you nourished, but psychological preparedness is what will help you survive. Sometimes we hear stories of people who have lived through drastic survival situations—the most dramatic example that comes to my mind is Aron Ralston, who cut off his own arm to free himself from a boulder that had pinned him down for 5 ½ days—and we think, I could never...

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At, we pride ourselves on being the online leader for emergency food and survival gear.  We figured that we should also share some of our “other” survival skills and educate the masses on the most important techniques for staying alive.  We hope that you enjoy our interactive survival guide.  Please feel free to let us know some of your special skills so that we can incorporate the best ones into subsequent survival guides. The post The Ultimate Life Survival Guide, Part 1 appeared first on Buy Emergency Food.

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