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In the snowy, white-washed winter months, sometimes it’s hard to remember what green grass looks like or recall the smell of dirt. This is one of the reasons winter is my least favorite season, and I am always looking for ways to bring a little bit of June into January. One pretty great way to do this and to become more self-reliant in the process is to practice composting through the winter. Why compost? Composting is a responsible and rewarding habit. One third of landfill space is reportedly filled with materials that could be composted. Composting our own waste keeps...

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In a long-term survival situation, knowing how to garden and grow your own produce is great, but if you haven’t planned ahead, where are you going to get your seeds? If it’s enough of an emergency that the grocery store is not an option, then that garden center down the road is probably not going to have open doors either. Saving and storing seeds is a great complement to stocking up on emergency food storage and emergency supplies, and the good news is, almost all seeds are storable. Saving seeds is not just a wise emergency preparedness practice; it’s also...

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