Jared Markin

, , - August 26, 2011

Is it fair to say that people don’t build or buy bomb shelters like they did a few decades ago? I would guess so. But as the fears of nuclear war loomed around the world between the 50s and the 80s there were a lot of people who truly believed that a bomb shelter was an emergency preparedness necessity. So they dug holes, built concrete fortresses and cleared the bats out of caves to protect themselves, just in case all hell broke loose. Lucky for the world it never did. Well, I guess you could say that’s debatable. Yet bomb...

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, , - August 09, 2011

Unlike the days of the cold war and the Cuban Missile crisis, the popular emergence of bomb and fallout shelters in recent decades has slowed dramatically. But just because the fears of a past generation have subsided doesn’t mean that the concept of planning and preparing for the use of a temporary shelter and an adequate amount of comfortable bedding should be abandoned. Now it’s highly unlikely that after reading this post you’ll head directly to the yard to start construction on an emergency bunker, but there are a few basic emergency preparedness precautions you can make, and a solid...

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, - August 04, 2011

When it comes to emergency preparedness it’s important to have a means to stay hydrated and well fed along with an alternate way to maintain power. But being prepared with the essentials isn’t all there is to think about, and anyone who’s been in a situation of extreme duress knows that stress can have a negative impact on our ability to maintain calm or even rational thinking. Regardless of your capacity to deal with stress and how you relay your mannerisms in stressful situations, everyone tends to need a distraction from time to time in order to help shift their...

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