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Thoughts on Emergency Shelters and Bedding

Unlike the days of the cold war and the Cuban Missile crisis, the popular emergence of bomb and fallout shelters in recent decades has slowed dramatically. But just because the fears of a past generation have subsided doesn’t mean that the concept of planning and preparing for the use of a temporary shelter and an adequate amount of comfortable bedding should be abandoned. Now it’s highly unlikely that after reading this post you’ll head directly to the yard to start construction on an emergency bunker, but there are a few basic emergency preparedness precautions you can make, and a solid construction canvas tent is one such option. If you think this isn’t ideal just remember you could do a lot worse than a large canvas tent in terms of an impromptu simple shelter. Many people have abandoned the idea of a Springbar canvas tent in exchange for a lightweight material option, but the truth is that canvas tents are extremely weather resistant and breathable, making them great for protection against foul weather and heat.They are also constructed with space in mind by having compartmental rooms that are designed to provide a designated common area, cooking area and sleeping space. For the real canvas loving go-getter, check out the ever resilient wall tent.BeddingSpeaking of sleeping, be sure to consider additional bedding into your emergency preparedness plans. The aftermath of a disaster situation can take a physical and mental toll on a person, and having access to warm, soft and comfortable bedding is important in order to help get good rest, and restore your physical and emotional energy.Keep extra sleeping bags and blankets with or near your survival gear, as well as something to keep your body away from the ground. Cots are ideal for sleeping, and can also double as a sitting surface. But any insulation layer between the ground and your body will prevent unnecessary body heat loss while sleeping on the ground.Of course there are many shelter options out there designed for emergency situations. Whether it’s a pre fabricated shed or an improvised snowmobile trailer, it’s important to have a back up shelter plan.
—Jared Matkin—Jared Matkin is a Salt Lake City based freelance writer and outdoor enthusiast who is continually on the lookout for innovative and usable products designed to help improve the way we live.

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