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Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, and fires- Oh My! They happen without warning and hit hard. You need to be prepared, Your life depends on it. Most people need a little help to figure out how to get prepared. This is why we’ve compiled what we think are some of the better books on emergency preparedness and to help you know exactly what actions to take in the event of a disaster.How do you know which authors are experts and which ones are a waste of space? The guide below lays out some of the best books for surviving the first...

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When talking with people about food storage I often get asked what I keep in my food storage. It’s very simple, what my family eats. Choosing to stock up on food that is easily stored and that your family will eat consistently is the best way to start your emergency food storage. Making sure you rotate through your food storage will keep it fresh and keep the extra shopping to a minimum. I also keep some of the other basic need in my emergency storage like paper goods, medicine, batteries, and water. I have created a basic list of items...

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If you’re anything like me you sometimes have a hard time wrapping your head around how a product sold online might actually look and feel once its in your hands. When I first started reading about portable solar power and the Guide 10 Adventure Kit I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what to expect. But when I actually got my hands on the products I was blown away. The kit itself includes two components: the Nomad 7 Solar Panel and the Guide 10 Battery Pack.Nomad 7 Solar PanelBefore I ever saw the Nomad 7I knew thatwhen it...

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So you’ve done it. You’ve made the commitment to invest in long-term food storage. Now the question is, where does it all go? When it comes to maintaining the shelf life and preserving the quality of many products used as emergency food storage there are a few things to think about before you stash away the new supply. Very important to consider is the impact that light and heat have on food. These two forces can spoil the texture, taste and nutritional value of any kind of emergency food storage, causing accelerated spoiling and increasing the likelihood that the product...

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Have you ever opened up a cold bottle of water and felt so refreshed after drinking it? I know I have. As one who does not like the taste of my local tap water I drink a lot of “better” tasting bottled water. My husband and I have tried faucet filters and water pitchers with filters in the refrigerator, but nothing seems to satisfy like the convenience of having great tasting water in a bottle that goes with me. As my husband and I go through our cases of bottle water we see the amount of waste the bottles create...

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