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Creating Affordable Solar Energy

You don’t have to wait for an emergency situation to use all of your survival gear. Certain types of emergency preparedness materials and gear are quite useful for everyday use. Food storage can be used when you are in a pinch for time and solar energy can be used to reduce energy costs, even when we are not in times of crisis. Solar energy technology is becoming more commonly integrated into large buildings, government and school buildings and individual homes. The energy costs saved by this technology are outstanding, but the initial investment can be quite hefty averaging between $30,000-$100,000 for full home projects. All of the incentives and future savings will not help the initial investment become any easier for the average homeowner. Technology is a great thing when it can be used to save the environment and energy costs. The initial investment, however, can turn some people off on the idea all together. Others who cannot afford the many thousands of dollars to create a solar energy powered home are using other methods to create solar energy. These include educational and community resources for creating solar panels. Do-it-yourself solar panels can be a bit complicated to create, but many communities offer classes. If you do not have a local solar energy and solar panel creation class in your area, you can find how-to videos and manuals online. Creating solar panels yourself can bring energy costs down to $1 per watt. Taking a course and becoming educated before building the panels will ensure that you have the right materials and technique for safe and efficient panels. It will also help you to meet like minded individuals in your community that are interested in energy saving solutions, emergency preparedness or both. In addition to building your own solar panels, if you are in the market for a new home, many builders offer energy efficient models with solar panels and other energy saving technology and appliances. These homes, when built in a full energy efficient community often are only slightly less expensive than their traditional energy sucking counterparts. How energy efficient if your home? Do you have solar panels on your home?

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