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Have you ever opened up a cold bottle of water and felt so refreshed after drinking it? I know I have. As one who does not like the taste of my local tap water I drink a lot of “better” tasting bottled water. My husband and I have tried faucet filters and water pitchers with filters in the refrigerator, but nothing seems to satisfy like the convenience of having great tasting water in a bottle that goes with me. As my husband and I go through our cases of bottle water we see the amount of waste the bottles create...

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All we need to do is take a look around to understand how important our electronic devices have become in regards to connecting with others. Many of us probably have a cell phone, a laptop, maybe an iPad, or perhaps a satellite radioplayer. These advanced forms of communication have changed the way we gather and share information. Now think about all the invisible technology out there that ensures a person’s ability to utilize these devices.There are power lines buried under cities, armored fiber optic cables on the ocean floor, cell phone transmitters the size of a Fuji apple, and satellites...

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It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are, having dependable equipment and quality provisions that you can rely on will make all the difference in the world when faced with a demanding situation.That’s why WFI decided to converge on three of the most fundamental commodities when it comes to making sure people are ready to endure any obstacle: Food, Water and Power. Whether the goal is to be fully prepared with emergency food storage, to assemble all the necessary survival gear for the ultimate survival kit, or just to equip yourself for an extreme high alpine adventure, whatever...

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Every new chapter of life is an adventure, and it took plenty of thought, research, preparation and hard work to get to this moment. So we’ve determined that today is monumental for us as we officially turn the page, and announce the launch of the Buy Emergency Foods blog. Long before this exciting moment we realized that the foundation of being truly prepared for an urgent situation consisted of three basic necessities: Food: Most people can go longer without food than they can without water, but the two work in tandem. Sustaining your energy with simple to prepare meals that...

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