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The Best Part of Waking Up….. In a Crisis

Buy Emergency Foods is excited  to introduce a new product that’s sure to add a little kick to your food storage fare….Legacy Premium Ground Coffee!

Now don’t worry, you won’t need to add Solar Powered Coffee Maker to your stash of emergency gadgets; hot water is all you need to brew this delightful, medium roast coffee. And like all Legacy Premium food storage, this coffee is packaged to last! Its nitrogen flushed mylar pouch with oxygen absorber sealed inside gives these magic beans a lifespan of 25 years.

There are two types of people out there. The first is thinking, “Coffee? What a waste of a perfectly good nitrogen flushed mylar pouch.”  And the second is thinking, “Coffee! I can survive anything with the right amount of coffee.” To both groups I say, read on! Here are three very good reasons everyone should have coffee in their emergency food supply.


If there’s ever a time when a little extra zip might come in handy, it’s during an emergency. No matter what crisis you’re up against, you’ll want to be at your mental and physical best in order to meet the overwhelming demands the situation presents.

The positive metabolic effects of caffeine have been widely documented and are experienced by millions on a daily basis. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, increasing heart rate, supplying more blood to muscles, and signaling the liver to release sugar into the blood stream, all of which contribute to increased energy. Also, under the influence of caffeine, fuel for the body is made more readily available which has the useful effect of reducing the user’s perceived exertion.

In addition to revving up the physical engine, caffeine can also have positive effects on mental energy.  Dopamine rises to the occasion whenever caffeine is near, delivering its signature surge of clarity and concentration.  After all, a crisis situation is no time to be searching frantically for a lost set of keys.

Overall, caffeine does an outstanding job of rallying one’s faculties, producing a crisp, energetic mental and physical state. When faced with unfamiliar situations where performance and decision making could be the difference between life and death, energy of mind and body is a must.


The brain is a very powerful thing. Every miraculous survival story where individuals manage to beat impossible odds will cite positive thinking as the difference-maker between those who survive and those who don’t. The simplest, most potent thing we can do to promote positive mental health in a crisis situation is to maintain as normal a routine as possible. Keeping to regular mealtimes, sleep times, and other daily activities as much as possible establishes a sense of security in the face of what would otherwise be chaos.

The simple act of drinking your morning cup of joe will send signals of familiarity to your brain, promoting a sense of control over your circumstances. By contrast, the absence of routine can leave you more at risk of crumbling under the weight of crippling fear and anxiety. So if the gal at the coffee shop knows you by name, adding coffee to your emergency food storage is more than just adding a nice warm drink to dip your (freeze-dried) donut in!


You may not be a coffee drinker but 64% of the adults around you are, making this freeze- dried brew a valuable trading commodity. No matter how prepared you may be, there’s always the chance that a situation will arise where you find yourself lacking the one thing you desperately need. Since millions of Americans depend on a daily dose of coffee whose availability relies upon trade with developing countries as well as the domestic infrastructure necessary to distribute it throughout the United States, coffee could become a powerful trading tool in the face of a prolonged disruption to our food supply. Whether you plan to drink it or not, adding shelf-stable premium coffee to your preparedness tool belt is a great insurance plan for the unexpected scenario.

And Legacy Premium Ground Coffee tastes great to boot! Don’t forget to stash a couple good coffee mugs!

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