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With plenty of communities in the East still reeling from Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters happening all over the globe, there has been a lot of talk lately about what we can do as individuals and as societies to be better prepared for emergencies. Of course we know we need to have food and water and basic emergency supplies on hand, but people who have lived through emergencies say there is more to being prepared than this. A month or so ago, I began to compile a list of advice gathered from news articles, blogs, and discussion boards from...

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At some point during Christmas time every year, I step into a certain, rather unpleasant scene. The scene should be familiar to me by now, but every year it sneaks up on me before I realize it is coming. It is usually a week or so before Christmas, and it looks something like this: I have been shopping for what seems like forever, slowly and painstakingly making my way down my list of people to buy for, trying to find a present that will be totally unexpected and wonderful for each one—a gift that person will love and will let...

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Did you know that the average person eats 4,000 to 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day alone? About 3,000 of that is just from the Thanksgiving meal! How great would it be if we could just store those extra Thanksgiving calories up for later emergencies, if we could be more like bears who binge on berries and meat for six months of the year and then live off of their fat for the other six? Emergency preparation would be so much easier. Unfortunately, we don’t have six months of the year during which to hibernate to make this kind of self-storage...

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In a long-term survival situation, knowing how to garden and grow your own produce is great, but if you haven’t planned ahead, where are you going to get your seeds? If it’s enough of an emergency that the grocery store is not an option, then that garden center down the road is probably not going to have open doors either. Saving and storing seeds is a great complement to stocking up on emergency food storage and emergency supplies, and the good news is, almost all seeds are storable. Saving seeds is not just a wise emergency preparedness practice; it’s also...

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Legacy Premium Foods is excited to announce some innovative changes in our line of emergency foods, changes that not only make your food storage experience better but are groundbreaking in the dehydrated & freeze dried emergency food industry. We’ve listened to your feedback and responded by revamping our product offerings to craft for you the healthiest, most delicious emergency food products available for a price you can’t find anywhere else. Here is a brief overview of these exciting changes we’ve been working on for you: • 100% Certified GMO Free on ALL products • Significantly More Calories (No Filler Calories)...

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