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The cost associated with establishing an adequate emergency food supply is a legitimate concern for many people, and in fact, the added cost actually defers some families altogether from ever buying extra food that can be stored in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, the cost of food seems to be going in one direction, and one direction only.There’s been a lot of talk over the last year or so about record high gas prices, and there’s been a broad (although fragmented) political focus to make changes and adopt activities designed to help lower consumer prices at the pump while relieving...

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Emergency Preparedness can take on several forms, and harsh winter weather is definitely something to get prepared for. It seems like every year we get word of huge winter storms that cancel flights, shut down entire airports, cancel NFL games (much to my chagrin), knock out power, and keep people inside their homes for extended periods of time. Since we know the possibility of a huge storm is very real, take some time and spend a few hours prepping your home before the emergency happens.We did our homework to find a comprehensive checklist of items to think about and check...

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Unexpected and disastrous events can serve as a pointed reminder as to just how vulnerable we can be, and how easily things can slip beyond our control when a disaster occurs. When access to basic necessities become limited, people act out of the apparent need for self preservation, and it’s human nature to try and do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and our families. Recent Events1. In May 2010, nearly 2 million people in the Boston area lost access to clean drinking water. The order to boil water only lasted two days, but unless you were part of the...

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