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Four Reasons Emergency Food Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

At some point during Christmas time every year, I step into a certain, rather unpleasant scene. The scene should be familiar to me by now, but every year it sneaks up on me before I realize it is coming. It is usually a week or so before Christmas, and it looks something like this: I have been shopping for what seems like forever, slowly and painstakingly making my way down my list of people to buy for, trying to find a present that will be totally unexpected and wonderful for each one—a gift that person will love and will let them know I care about them and want all their dreams to come true. Suddenly, I find myself standing in the middle of some store aisle staring blankly at the row after row of items, overplayed Christmas music ringing in my ears, good ideas eluding me like water flowing through a drain. I won’t call it a meltdown, but I am suddenly in desperate, just-grab-something-and-wrap-it-up mode. And suddenly Christmas isn’t fun anymore.

I don’t think I’m alone in this overwhelmed, harried feeling. Finding Christmas presents for people we love can be a tricky task, especially when those people seem to have everything they could ever want or need. If you have ever found yourself at this point, I’m here to offer a simple remedy to Christmas-present-idea logjam. Why not give Legacy Premium emergency food for Christmas presents this year? Before you raise your eyebrows at the suggestion that emergency food could be a welcome Christmas gift, allow me to convince you otherwise. Here are the top four reasons Legacy Premium emergency food is the perfect Christmas gift for almost* anyone on your list this year:

1. Giving emergency food is the ultimate in practical gift-giving. Think of all the gifts you have received for Christmas over the years that ended up in the dumpster or donated to thrift stores. In contrast, food storage is something that will not get tossed out, and that’s because everyone needs it. Emergency food is a one-size-fits-all Christmas gift. Building up food storage is one of those things everyone means to do but often doesn’t get around to doing. Make your loved ones’ lives easier by helping them cross something off their to-do list. And while we’re talking about practicality, Legacy Premium emergency food is the best way to go because it is dollar-for-dollar the best value in top-quality, delicious freeze-dried food. Do you need more reasons? If so, read on.

2. Food storage is a truly thoughtful gift. I rack my brains every year trying to figure out unique gifts for my loved ones that will show them I put some effort and care into their gift. It’s one thing to give someone a new DVD for Christmas and say Here, I care about your entertainment, and it’s a whole different thing to give someone emergency supplies and say Here, I care about your survival. Emergency food can be a perfect gift for in-laws, grown children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or even neighbors. By giving emergency food, you would be providing for the people you care about when it may not occur to them to do it for themselves. Even if they toss it in the pantry without a thought, it will come in handy to them someday, and they may eventually remember it as one of the most important Christmas gifts they ever received. Also, it might inspire those who are not very prepared for emergencies to start on the road to self-reliance. It might just be the oomph they need to get themselves in preparation mode.

3. Your gift could include something like this:

When you think about giving food storage as a gift, you don’t need to picture cans of wheat germ and buckets of white rice. Legacy Premium food storage is gourmet food of the highest caliber, with options like spicy corn chowder, chili mac, pasta primavera, and chicken a la king. When I first tried it, I had to keep reminding myself that it was survival food. When you give Legacy Premium food storage as a Christmas gift, you are giving the people you love a food experience. Your recipient will be able to taste the difference.

4. BuyEmergencyFoods offers free shipping. Reason number four that you should consider giving Legacy Premium food storage as a Christmas gift this year: FREE SHIPPING. Too often when you find a gift you want to give someone, you go to check out and find that the shipping is going to cost you nearly as much as the item itself. Shopping for Christmas through BuyEmergencyFoods is convenient and easy, and you won’t get charged extra for things you don’t need to be charged for.

Give yourself a little break during Christmas shopping season this year. Legacy Premium food storage can be an excellent option for people on your Christmas list, not only because it is a gift that will fulfill actual needs, but also because it will let your loved ones know they are cared for, especially because it’s food of the caliber of Legacy Premium. Add to these reasons the free shipping, and your Christmas shopping experience just got that much more pleasant. Join me in giving emergency food to your loved ones this year and keep your merry spirit all the way through to Christmas day.

*(Ok, so maybe your six-year-old son with his heart set on a new bike would not be thrilled to see food storage in his stocking; on the other hand, I do know a certain six-year-old who loves to eat good food…so don’t rule it out altogether.)

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