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When it comes to emergency preparedness we talk a lot about the importance of survival kits and how they can be created and used for everything from first aid to search and rescue. It’s well known that natural disasters can have devastating effects on man made and natural environments, but it’s probably less well known that many of the injuries people sustain actually happen in the aftermath of an event.Think for a minute about an image of a devastated area. What does that scene look like? Buildings reduced to rubble, downed power lines, broken glass, blocked roads. It’s scenes like...

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While I was in the bookstore the other day I happened to stumble upon The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Although I’d seen the text before I‘d never taken the time to actually thumb through the pages. As I scanned the content I determined almost immediately that the great thing about this little guide is its insight on a mix of practical, preposterous and highly unlikely situations. Then again, you never know when you might have to evade being sucked up by quicksand or utilize a specialized set of skills required to escape a killer bee attack.I left the bookstore...

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If you were to ask 10 people this question I imagine you might get 10 different answers depending on what emergency preparedness means to that person. Take me for example. I definitely have enough emergency food storage to keep my little family fed for at least three months. I even have a bucket of dehydrated milk stowed away specifically for my toddler. That’s all well and good, but I know I don’t have enough water stored to last that long, and eating powdered milk might very well be worse than drinking it.I also have a well stocked survival kit that...

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Many survivalists spend money and time on preparing the best emergency survival kits for their families. But, if the kits are not accessible during a disaster, the efforts will be wasted. Where you store your survival kit can be crucial to its accessibility. Just as you plan for several different types of disaster scenarios when putting together your emergency survival kit and readying your survival gear, you must also plan for these scenarios in deciding where to store your kit.Collapsed portions of buildings are common in disaster situations. Storing your kit near a concrete wall or close to the most...

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you probably know that the first 10 years of this century witnessed some of the most devastating natural disasters ever recorded. The size and scale of these events affected densely populated areas all around the world and caused massive environmental, financial and human loss. The increasing severity of disasters has prompted many people to start taking emergency preparedness more seriously. While the scope and timing of these events are beyond control, being well equipped with a survival kit, emergency food and water storage will be undoubtedly helpful in the aftermath of almost any...

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