Worst Case Scenarios for Emergency Preparedness? Tell us what you think.

While I was in the bookstore the other day I happened to stumble upon The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Although I’d seen the text before I‘d never taken the time to actually thumb through the pages. As I scanned the content I determined almost immediately that the great thing about this little guide is its insight on a mix of practical, preposterous and highly unlikely situations. Then again, you never know when you might have to evade being sucked up by quicksand or utilize a specialized set of skills required to escape a killer bee attack.I left the bookstore rather amused and thinking to myself that some of the scenarios in the book aren’t so different from the advice you might find in a blog like this. After all, Wise Food Insurance already offers useful information and suggestions on how to be well prepared in the event of a disaster. The only difference between our source of information and the Worst Case Scenario book is that we haven’t offered any tips yet regarding what you ought to do in the most unlikely of circumstances. For example, what would you do if a bear tried to steal your emergency food storage? Or how should you react if you were to open your survival kit only to find that it had been occupied be a colony of angry fire ants? In all honesty, I have no practical advice that might help a person for either of those situations. But then again, maybe I do.So perhaps some worst case scenarios are in order for this blog. Like the book, the majority of the posts we provide would contain the useful, real life advice we’ve always aimed to offer, while others may very well be outlandish creations from the depths of our imagination. Either way, the concept of being prepared will always serve as the axis for the post. So what do you think? Do you want to learn how to mock up a quick parachute from the emergency space blanket in your survival kit? We’d love to hear your tips, suggestions, comments or ideas.
—Jared Matkin—Jared Matkin is a Salt Lake City based freelance writer and outdoor enthusiast who is continually on the lookout for innovative and usable products designed to help improve the way we live.

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