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The cost associated with establishing an adequate emergency food supply is a legitimate concern for many people, and in fact, the added cost actually defers some families altogether from ever buying extra food that can be stored in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, the cost of food seems to be going in one direction, and one direction only.There’s been a lot of talk over the last year or so about record high gas prices, and there’s been a broad (although fragmented) political focus to make changes and adopt activities designed to help lower consumer prices at the pump while relieving...

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Emergency food storage is a large target for common pest infestations. Mice, rats, ants, moths, weevils, and silverfish all seek out stashes of food to call home. Keeping your survival food free from these pests is challenging to say the least. It requires a little research, some planning and a lot of diligence. Chemicals and insecticides are not recommended around food storage, so part of the challenge is finding safe methods of keeping these vermin away. Even if these products are not in the vicinity of your food, they are still harmful beyond the animals you are trying to control....

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For those of you not completely familiar with the concept of the Worst Case Scenario you can check out an earlier post I wrote about turning this concept into blog entries involving emergency food storage, survival kits and overall emergency preparedness with scenarios that could happen, but also might be very unlikely. So today I wanted to rekindle that idea and present a worse case scenario situation I’ve been thinking about recently. My house is 110 years old, and to access the cellar you’ve got to go outside and down a crooked set of concrete steps underneath my deck. It’s...

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People have a lot of different ideas about how to make emergency food storage work for themselves and their families. It’s true that despite what ends up in our pantry, the end goal is to be ready for anything—even if that means having enough food on hand to satisfy a midday craving, or prevent a full blown no food in the house crisis. Every once in a while a product comes along that ends up getting utilized well beyond its intended purpose. Such is the case with the Legacy Premium products offered on the Buy Emergency Foods site. The delicious...

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Massive earthquakes, super-volcanoes, solar storms, pole reversal—this is just a short list of things I hope to never experience in my life. These are also the kinds of things that provide some level of intrigue to all the doomsday predictions getting tossed around these days. For some people, the concept of such massive cataclysmic events prompts them to stockpile goods and increase their emergency food storage, while others tend to completely disregard these supposed revelations. Regardless of what you think or believe, there have always been and always will be people who make predictions about the destiny of the earth...

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