Reusable water bottles with filters vs. Disposable water bottles

Have you ever opened up a cold bottle of water and felt so refreshed after drinking it? I know I have. As one who does not like the taste of my local tap water I drink a lot of “better” tasting bottled water. My husband and I have tried faucet filters and water pitchers with filters in the refrigerator, but nothing seems to satisfy like the convenience of having great tasting water in a bottle that goes with me. As my husband and I go through our cases of bottle water we see the amount of waste the bottles create and since our city does not have recycling it all goes into the trash. I found that I am contributing to the over 1 million tons of plastic waste that bottled water creates each year!Not only do plastic bottles create waste, they are a waste of resources. The amount of energy and fossil fuels used to produce these plastic bottles has begun to endanger our environment. According to food & water watch the amount of fossil fuel used to produce and transport all bottled water consumed in the US was enough to fuel about 1.5 million cars for a year! With gas prices going up and our natural resources diminishing, think about how much could be saved by using a reusable water bottle. There are also reports that talk about how bottled water is not purer water than tap water. In fact, some bottled water has been found to come from local tap water sources and not from these pure water sources they claim to be from. Public water even has to go through more tests than bottled water to make sure it is pure for consumption; not to mention that the plastic bottles themselves can leak chemicals into the water. So if you’re thought that you were avoiding toxins found in tap water by drinking bottled water, which may not be true.Water bottles not only create trash and waste resources, they waste money too. Most bottled water costs at least $1 per 20 oz., 5 cents per ounce, but gas prices being around $3.00 a gallon equals just over 2 cents an ounce! After realizing how much money I was spending on bottled water my husband and I began looking for an alternative to save money and still get great tasting water. For Christmas we were given a squeezable water bottle with a filter to put in our 72 hour kit by my mother-in-law. We started using these water bottles at home as an experiment and while it didn’t taste like our flavored bottled water we have been buying, it did make our tap water something we would drink. Bottled water causes a lot more problems than it solves, but when it comes to finding great tasting water filtering it yourself seems to be your best option. Wise Food Insurance offers a variety of solutions to the plastic water bottle problem with their water bottles with filters, water pitcher with filter, and water filter straws. If you are looking for a more permanent solution there are house water filtration systems so you can always have clean, delicious drinking water.

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