The Ill Effects of Dehydration

The body is made up of 98 % water. The body needs water to subsist and if it doesn’t get it, it will let you know with a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms. Staying hydrated during a time of crisis should be a top priority. Recognizing the symptoms of dehydration is the first step to preventing it. It is always easier to prevent dehydration than to treat it! Every survival gear pack should include gear to stay hydrated.Dehydration will manifest itself with some preliminary symptoms progressing to more fatal ones. At the onset of dehydration, some of the symptoms are headaches, infrequent urination, irritability, yellow urine and nausea. If the body continues to be deprived of water the symptoms will turn to delirium, vomiting, unconsciousness and finally, death. The Institute of Medicine advises that men consume 3 liters of water a day and women 2.2 liters. Children should consume roughly 2 liters depending on body weight. This means that the average family of 4 needs about 2.5 gallons a day!If you would like a more accurate estimate of how much water you need, here is a simple calculation to help you: 1) Weigh yourself and write down or note your weight, 2) Take the number of pounds you weigh and multiply that by 2/3, 3) Add 12 ounces for every 30 minutes of strenuous activity. That is the amount of ounces you should drink daily. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds x 2/3 = 120 ounces . If you are outdoors hiking for 1 hour, add an extra 24 ounces. The final amount for our example would be 144 ounces ,4.3 liters or a smidge over a gallon.You don’t need to be dehydrated during a crisis if you plan ahead and have the necessary survival gear. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, don’t worry, Wise Foods Insurance has you covered with a variety of great products that every survival pack should have. One of these products is a water bottle with a filter inside the cap. Simply fill it up and drink right out of the bottle, it’s good for 50 gallons! Another great product is the pure water filter straw that’s so small and convenient it fits in your pocket. Drink right out of the source or simply stick it in your water bottle or canteen for fresh, delicious water.Use these tips to make sure you’re aware of the dangers of dehydration and prevent it!—Curtis Familia—

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