From Emergency Food to Portable Solar: What User Group Do You Fall Into?

The first time I looked at the three different kinds of products sold on the Wise Food Insurance site I immediately thought of two categories of people who might pounce all over this thoughtful mix of food and equipment. This is my knee jerk reaction.The AdventurerEatIf you’re a thrill seeker you probably look at the freeze dried meals as lightweight camping food that can provide a means to eliminate weight from your pack and create extra space. You’ve got healthy breakfast options, a variety of filling dinners and soups, and enough carbohydrates and calories to keep your adventure going for as long as your boss might tolerate it before he/she considers firing you. DrinkYou might look at the lightweight Stainless Steel Water bottle with filter as a convenient and powerful way to filter from an outdoor water source without the use of a filter hand pump. Less effort and less time spent purifying water means more time relaxing, exploring and taking in the sights. When you work hard to earn a slice of peace and tranquility, any equipment that can help save a little extra effort is always a valuable addition to the gear list.Power UpIf you find it easier to pull out a GPS than a magnetic compass, require a fully charged iPod while in the backcountry, or can’t live without any of the other handheld devices that have become an integrated part of your existence, chances are good you’ll be ogling the ultra lightweight portable solar panels available on this site. Soon you’ll have a collapsible panel that weighs less than a pound and conveniently hangs from your pack while you’re on the move, keeping you fully powered until returning to civilization. The PrepperStock Being prepared with a sustainable amount of emergency food storage takes on a new level of simplicity when you’re stocked up on freeze dried meals that can be stored for up to 25 years. If you can’t help yourself from planning, storing, stocking and restocking, then emergency food that is safe, secure and easy to prepare is the kind of strategic prudence that will have preppers just like you rejoicing.PurifyFiltering and purifying up to 150 gallons of water using just one filter means that for about six months you won’t have to worry about replacing the filter on your water pitcher. If your tap water has been compromised, chances are good your advanced water pitcher with filter will still filter out any harmful contamination. That means you’ll be spending less time spent worrying about access to pure water and more time attacking your ongoing To Do list.Self SustainSo long as communication towers stand and satellites circle the globe, you know that keeping your electronic devices powered means access to communicate when there’s an emergency. What if the power is out for an undetermined amount of time? Not to worry, you’ve got innovative solutions. By obtaining a system of portable solar panels and batteries, you understand that as long as there is a sun in the sky it’s possible to power 1,200 square feet of living area, while keeping all your gadgets charged and ready for action.Of course the above presumptions may be considered extreme cases, and yes, I know that not everyone will fall directly into either of these two groups, but I also know that some of you out there will certainly relate. Regardless of why you’ve ended up visiting Wise Food Insurance, or what ideas you conjure up in your mind about how you might make the most of these products, the stability, durability and affordability really do make them right for anyone.Please chime in and let us know where you fall on the “User Spectrum”, or let us know about how you benefit from using products like these.—Jared Matkin—Jared Matkin is a Salt Lake City based freelance writer and outdoor enthusiast who is continually on the lookout for innovative and usable products designed to help improve the way we live.

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