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The Necessity of a Pre-Planned Bug Out Location

If you are new to emergency preparedness, you may have not yet heard about bug out locations. Although, chances are you have thought about having one. A bug out location refers to two types of living situations. Bug out location type 1 is a remote location, usually in the wilderness, where you and your family can live away from a crisis currently affecting your primary home. Bug out location 2 is a family member or friend’s home, far enough away that it is not in danger of the disaster affecting your home. A bug out location can offer a temporary home if you are forced to evacuate your primary home in emergencies such as natural disasters, political unrest or nuclear and chemical dangers. Having a few different bug out locations is recommended as different emergencies will cause a need for greater or lesser distance from your home. Those that are comfortable in the outdoors and others that don’t feel comfortable depending on friends and family members will prefer going to a bug out location in a rural area. Some people have purchased vacation property in remote areas for this reason alone. Spending time at your bug out location in non-emergency situations can create some insight into what specific emergency survival gear essentials will be needed in the specific area.Hotels, hostels and even Red Cross disaster centers can fill up quickly. It can be comforting to know that you have options other than those that are provided from the local community. If you have a bug out location planned with a family member before a disaster strikes, they will be ready to receive you and your family. Many people offer their home as a bug out location and in return, others offer their homes that span from 30, 50 or even more than 500 miles away. You will not want to travel further than you have to when going to a bug out location. But, you will want to be safely out of danger.

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