Natural Disaster Insurance

Natural disasters occur everyday. While some natural disasters have forewarnings, many do not. Some of us become desensitized by the tragedies that are associated with these disasters as we see pictures and news stories affiliated with them regularly on the nightly news. Some of us do not become desensitized to these terrible catastrophes. We instead become prepared with the proper emergency preparedness items and survival gear.One of the most overlooked things that can drastically aid those affected by disasters is natural disaster insurance. A surprising amount of people that have spent numerous hours and dollars in emergency preparedness efforts have often times failed to see the value in this type of insurance. But, those that have been without any type of disaster insurance and have had their homes destroyed are left in a state of financial burden. Why do so many of us that strive to be prepared fail to fully prepare with the correct type of insurance? One theory is that we just don’t know what our current homeowner’s insurance covers. The standard home insurance does not cover damage due to most natural disasters including fire, floods, earthquakes, landslides and windstorms. While some superior policies may include coverage for damage due to lightning, cold temperatures (think frozen pipes) and hailstorms. I would like to urge you all to become educated on the types of damage due to natural disasters your homeowner’s insurance covers. Then you can make an informed decision on keeping your current policy or adding to it. If your region is more at risk for a certain type of disaster that your homeowner’s insurance does not cover, look into adding to that specific disaster policy. There are many methods to becoming fully prepared for emergencies. Survival gear, food storage and acquiring the correct type of insurance policy are some of essentials.

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