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Tribute to the Bomb Shelter

They are often called bomb shelters, bunkers, pillboxes, fall out shelters and raid shelters. While they may represent war and political unrest they also represent a rich history in emergency preparedness, national and private defense and the best in all encompassing survival gear. There are many ways that people can pay tribute to bomb shelters old and new. There are several books written with bomb shelters as central parts of the story. This literature can give us a peak into the rich history of emergency shelters in the United States and internationally. Dancing in Bomb Shelters by Johanna Wycoff is a great example of this type of literature recounting a history of a Dutch family’s struggle for survival during WWII.There are tours available of some of the most famous emergency preparedness shelters such as John F. Kennedy’s Florida fallout shelter on Peanut Island. This Florida fall out shelter is currently owned by the Palm Beach Maritime Museum. The shelter is not only an interesting exhibit of the technology used in the shelters at the time, but a reminder of the unknown future and possible necessity of bomb shelters for average American citizens that Kennedy rallied for in the past. If you are a fan of architecture you may have already seen many of the upcycled designs built into existing bunkers and bomb shelters. These modern homes, apartment buildings and office complexes are currently popular and commonly seen structures in many areas in Europe. They are oftentimes built into the existing structures from the shelters. Many of them still act as shelters and are dual purpose.

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