Product Highlight: GOAL0 Crank and Portable Solar Flashlight

I’ve always had a few battery powered emergency preparedness flashlights tucked away in various spots in my house just in case of a power outage, but they rarely ever get used. In fact, I kind of forget about them until I happen upon them by accident, or open a drawer and notice that for some reason the light is actually on. Having a backup light with a dead battery that you’ve hidden from yourself is not an effective way to be prepared for a blackoutThat’s why portable solar panel and crank flashlights are an important part of an emergency preparedness plan, and the GOAL0 Crank/Torch and Solar Flashlight is the perfect solution. Here’s why:Portable Solar PowerNever worry about batteries again. Flip up the portable solar panel, point it towards a sunny sky (works less effectively through cloud cover) for 9-10 hours and you have a self-sustaining, fully charged emergency flashlight. Durable Hand CrankI’ve owned cheap hand crank flashlight before—the kind that only work a few times before the handle falls off, or a minute of cranking only generates a minute of illumination. With one minute of cranking the handle of the GOAL0 torch you’ll get 10 minutes of powerful LED light.Power up With PowerThe light itself comes with a cigarette car adapter and an AC/DC adapter for the house, so as long as you have power the light can be charged directly from a wall outlet or in your car.Lighting Options and Convenient UsageThis flashlight has a high powered front beam with 4 LED bulbs for targeted lighting, as well as an 18 LED flood light that works well for illuminating a room or a tent. Lightweight/Hands Free UseComing in at less than a pound means this light could easily go anywhere you need it to. It is also equipped with a rear-mounted hook so you can hang it for lantern use, or to get a good angle on the sun for the portable solar panel.Every home and every emergency preparedness plan should include a reliable and durable source of light in case of a power outage. Don’t get left in the dark.
—Jared Matkin—Jared Matkin is a Salt Lake City based freelance writer and outdoor enthusiast who is continually on the lookout for innovative and usable products designed to help improve the way we live.

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