Frequently Overlooked Useful Items for Emergency Preparedness

Those of us that have taken the time to carefully put together emergency preparedness supplies may need to reevaluate our survival gear. There are many simple items that are often overlooked and very useful in case of disaster or emergency. In addition to the prime basics including emergency food storage, water storage and shelter items, there are several items that are extremely helpful and often necessary in survival situations. Most of us have a first aid kit in our emergency survival gear. But, not everyone has one of the most important companion items to a first aid kit, which is a medical and first aid handbook. This can be very valuable when there is an injury to a member of your party and no medical staff is available or in your area. Recommended handbooks will be those that do not use medical terminology that only the medical community can understand. A handbook featuring many pictures and step-by-step instructions is the most favorable option. Sanitation items including moist towelettes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and nail clippers are small and useful items. These items are extremely effective in reducing water use for body cleansing. Disease and illness are very common in natural disaster situations when people do not have the necessary items to keep their hands and cooking utensils clean. Cash and coins are very important to have on hand in case of any emergency situation. These should be broken into small bills for easy exchange. During natural disasters there are often power outages that will impede the use of credit cards, debit cards and check machines. Cash is an absolute must to have on hand in case you may need to evacuate your home and do not have all of the supplies necessary for survival. Special needs items for you and your family should be kept in emergency survival gear. These items will be unique to your own family and their needs. You may need eye contact solution, hearing aid batteries, baby formula, special prescriptions, diapers, etc. If any of these items have an expiration date, be sure to test and check the dates in your gear frequently to insure that everything is fully functional should an emergency occur. What other items do you think are necessary, but often overlooked in the common emergency preparedness kits?

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