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Cool Gear for Cooking and Eating Freeze Dried Food

If you use your freeze dried food for emergency food storage in your survival gear, for meals on back country adventures or both, you will find this gear interesting. The gear that you use to cook your food can be as important as the food itself. You will want to have items that will save space, time and use little energy.

Stove and Cooking Systems – The Jetboil company has created a lightweight cooking system that is not only easy and safe to use, but aesthetically awesome. The Flash Cooking system is a compact system that includes the cooking vessel and the burner together. This machine will boil water in one liter cups that are the perfect size to use for soups, hot drinks and freeze dried food. The unit is small, heats water incredibly fast and is a great addition to emergency survival gear.The Volcano stove is also an incredible heating device for water and food. The volcano stove takes up little space because it is fully collapsible. Consumers are often impressed that the little stove can use three different types of fuel including propane, charcoal and wood. This can be very important if the stove is used in an emergency situation when propane fuel is running low. Solar ovens and stoves have become very popular in third world communities and beyond. They reduce the need to burn fuel or materials such as animal dung that can be harmful to breathe. These can also come in extremely handy in emergency situations when fuel is scarce and there are many people to feed. Solar ovens can be used to cook food as well as heat water for bathing.The Stove in a Can is an intelligently constructed device that will boil water in less than five minutes. It is made of all recycled and natural materials. It is small, lightweight and easy to use. It will provide between four and five hours of burning time.

Utensils and Eating Materials – The Guyout Designs Squishy bowl and cup set have won the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award for their design and strength. These bowls are perfect for storing in survival gear or for packing in a large daypack. They are lightweight, flexible, heat resistant to 400 degrees and can be folded down into very small spaces.Eating utensils and silverware should be lightweight and versatile too. Many outdoors men have a trusty spork that acts as both a fork and a spoon. They are perfect for soups, stews and freeze dried meals. Some companies have even gone beyond the spork idea and created spoon, fork and knife all-in-one utensils such as the Light My Fire Serving Spork. Titanium and other light yet sturdy materials are best for utensils.What smart finds have you found for cooking and eating freeze dried foods?

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