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Bomb Shelter Series: Deluxe Amenities

The business of bomb shelter production is booming with a large percentage of the public becoming more aware of present emergency situation risks. Many of these new builders are creating amenities that outreach the necessary quality bomb shelter needs such as air filtration systems and blast proof, heavy doors. These needs on their own can be quite expensive, but when you see what others are adding to their bomb shelters, far beyond traditional survival gear items, you may be surprised.There are a few well-known players in the current bomb shelter production business. One of these is TerraVivos. They are known for some of the most extravagant bomb shelters that are built to house large communities. These include several amenities such as wine cellars, deluxe comfort lounges and even pet grooming facilities. These are nicer than many apartment buildings, and the cost coincides with the luxuries included for a spot in one of these bunkers ranging upwards to $30,000 per person.Another well-known bomb shelter builder and designer is Larry Hall of Survival Condo in Florida. The shelters that Survival Condo has created are full of amazing amenities. These include an entire level devoted to hydroponic grown gardens, a level for a fitness area and an entire level for a swimming pool and spa. These amenities along with a theater room, library and lounge will make living more than bearable in an emergency situation. The amenities reach far beyond traditional survival gear found in bomb shelters.As a new enthusiast to the modern day bomb shelter I was blown away by these amenities. But, with more thought I may choose to fore go these extreme and luxurious add-ons to have my own home bomb shelter. There are risks to sharing a shelter with so many individuals together, especially if the emergency situation that causes the shelter to become occupied is due to an unidentified disease outbreak. Plus, the location of the shelter may be blocked during an emergency situation. A home bomb shelter is definitely more conveniently located. In addition to an at home shelter, you can still add the amenities that you personally may enjoy. Okay, maybe not a swimming pool, but possibly a workout area and a small entertainment area. This also doesn’t have to be wasted space on your property, as you can use a bomb shelter as a fruit/root cellar if designed properly. What are your thoughts? Would you opt for a large community bomb shelter with unimaginable luxuries or an at home bomb shelter?

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