Beyond the Basics: Survival Tools and Utensils

There are basic items that you would want to have in your survival kit, such as food, water, shelter, first aid kit and clothing. These are the essentials that will help you get through any emergency situation, and you have planned out in detail the items to be packed. Beyond the basics that you’ve prepared for emergencies, there are some other tools and utensils that will make a survival situation much more tolerable. Some you will want to pack in your bug out bag, and some you will want to pack in your secondary survival storage to be grabbed given time and portability. Here are the top fifteen gadgets to include in your emergency preparedness:•Duct tape •Compact, collapsible shovel•Nylon cord •Multi Tool (spend the money and get a good one)•Hatchet•Survival knife (again, get a good one)•Two-way radios•Fork and spoon combo kit•Pot and pan•Mixing spoon and spatula•Can opener•Compass and map•Work gloves•Sewing kit•Camp mirrorTaking the time to gather these tools and getting quality steel when it comes to knives or mechanical gear will make your survival experience so much easier. The added weight will more than pay off in your energy conservation while using these items. Emergency preparedness doesn’t have to be overwhelming. These gadgets can be costly, so prioritize the list and buy them over time as you can afford them. The piece of mind you gain from having a fully stocked survival kit is priceless.-Gary Jenkins-

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