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Eat Like a Monkey During an Emergency

4 to 5 times per week, I join the masses that go to the gym. I am the type that has to get it done in the morning or it just won’t happen that day. Some people work out to impress others and draw attention, but that typically seems to be the mentality of a younger crowd. In talking to my fellow “gym rats”, I find that most people work out to “not be fat” and because it makes them feel good. I personally work out so that I can eat more treats and because I don’t want to be diabetic, I gave up impressing my wife years ago.It has always fascinated me what people eat to get “big and strong”. A favorite food to mix in protein shakes and sandwiches (mostly peanut butter sandwiches) are bananas. A lot of people will eat bananas for a recovery or pre work out food. Why do they eat bananas?

1. The natural sugars in bananas restore glycogen levels in the muscles thereby restoring an anabolic state in the body.
2. Sugars in bananas digest quickly and cause a quick insulin response that provides a quick assimilation of proteins.
3. Eating bananas before a work out provide additional energy and stamina for hard work outs.
4. Athletes eat bananas because of the high potassium levels, which helps in muscle control, better nerve functions, and lower blood pressure. Potassium, on a side note, works with sodium to help your body maintain the proper water balance.

So you might be asking, how does this apply to emergency food supply and why should I eat like a monkey during an emergency? During an emergency or time of food shortage, it is wise to have a wide range of food types available to you. Many newcomers to food storage are just buying complete entrees and calling it good. Several companies only offer these new entrees and while they are great starts, they don’t quite round out your food storage. These additional food items are necessary because they add can additional calories and necessary nutritional supplements to make sure that your body will be able to function properly. During an emergency, with its accompanying high stress and physical activity, additional foods will be needed and it is best to eat foods that serve the purpose of keeping one healthy during stressful times.So now we come back full circle to bananas. Bananas provide good vitamins and nutrients needed for tough circumstances. As an added bonus, freeze dried bananas really do taste incredible. My kids will eat them as snacks, which says something huge, since they are the most finicky eaters on this planet. It is important to start thinking about finding other items that will complement food storage meals so that you have great tasting foods that will last and provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs during a crisis. So eat like a monkey, or at least be prepared and understand why you should!

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