Why You Should Be Storing Gluten-free Food Storage

Why You Should Be Storing Gluten-free Food Storage


More and more these days, gluten-free options are popping up on fast food menus, the baking aisle at the grocery store, and most home pantries, but, unfortunately, the food storage world has been a little slow in adapting its offerings to meet the needs of a growing number of people. Legacy Premium is one of the only companies in the industry to offer such a wide variety of gluten-free food storage options. From tasty soups and dinner entrees to hearty breakfasts, Legacy’s gluten-free options will have your mouth watering.

Whether you have gluten-free needs or not, it’s a great idea to store gluten-free options along with your other food storage fare. Here’s why:

1. Chances are good that you or someone you love suffers from gluten-related health problems. Did you know that gluten-related health problems are on the rise across the world? The latest statistics show that Celiac rates are estimated to be doubling every 20 years, and 1 in 20 Americans suffers from a sensitivity to gluten. More and more people are being diagnosed with these illnesses, even older adults who have eaten gluten their whole lives. For all those who suffer from gluten-related problems, gluten-free meals are a must. In emergency situations more than perhaps any other time, it’s vital to have food that meets every body’s needs. Having gluten-free food storage that you can trust is vital.

2. You may have an intolerance for gluten and not know it until you eat a lot of it. Many popular food storage guides use wheat as their staple emergency food. If you do not regularly eat much wheat, and then an emergency situation arrives and you start eating huge quantities of it, you stand a chance of developing stomach problems. Including gluten-free options along with your other food storage fare will help you avoid an over-reliance on wheat during emergencies and make your experience a whole lot more pleasant.

3. Storing a variety of foods helps you avoid meal fatigue, and it makes good nutritional sense. When our bodies ingest the same foods over and over again, they can become lacking in some nutrients and overloaded in others. That’s why it’s important to diversify your food supply. Adding gluten-free foods is a good way to build up a way array of meals and avoid facing the same meals every day when you use your food storage.

4. Legacy’s gluten-free food storage meals are extremely tasty. There’s a common notion that gluten-free equals bland. With Legacy Premium’s options, this is not so. In fact, Legacy’s gluten-free meals are not about what they lack, but what they have. And what they have is plenty of flavor. With zesty bean and rice dishes, creamy soups and chowders, and hearty chilis, the options are varied and delicious. Check out the offerings on our homepage to see just how tasty gluten-free can be.

Whether your family has a medical need for gluten-free foods or not, adding Legacy’s gluten-free meals to your food storage is a great way to provide for any eventuality, add variety to your emergency menu, and bring tasty food to your pantry. Check out some of Legacy’s gourmet gluten-free options today.

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