New Emergency Prep Store Opens in Oklahoma City, Offers Legacy Food Storage to Tornado-Prone Region

Homestand Preparation Station Enables Oklahomans to More Easily Stock Storm Shelters with Emergency Supplies; First Brick-And-Mortar Store to Feature Legacy

OKLAHOMA CITY—March 19, 2014—Legacy Food Storage, a Utah-based manufacturer of emergency food storage and other essentials, is teaming up with a new emergency preparation store in Oklahoma City, Homestand Preparation Station, to make it easier for those in this tornado-prone region to stock their homes and storm shelters with food, water and other items critical during – and after – a natural disaster and other emergencies. Opening Thursday, Homestand is the first brick-and-mortar store to sell Legacy products, which have previously been available exclusively through online distributors.

According to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, the state sees an average of 53 tornados a year, with some years showing as many as 100. As of May, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has invested more than $57 million in 11,768 private and public storm shelters in Oklahoma, more structures than in any other state. The increased demand has resulted in a backlog of orders for more of these shelters throughout the state.

“Residents of Oklahoma and other nearby states know first-hand how important it is to take shelter during an emergency, but they often neglect to stock their storm shelters – or homes or cars – with essentials their family may need until help arrives,” said Scott Harper, general manager, Homestand. “Legacy Food Storage has everything needed in case of an emergency, with dehydrated meals and other emergency products such as water containers and fuel packages that are portable and easy to store. Their food even tastes good, which is more than anyone can ask for in an emergency.”

Legacy Food Storage provides complete meals in Mylar pouches that only require water (preferably boiled) to prepare. Water and other related supplies from Legacy, including cases of water bottles, boxes of distilled water, water purifiers, and purifying tablets will be available at Homestand to be used for preparing foods as well as other water needs.

After witnessing the May 2013 tornado that devastated entire neighborhoods in central Oklahoma, a group of Oklahoma City investors established Homestand to help Oklahomans prepare their families and homes for Oklahoma’s harshest weather conditions. In addition to carrying the latest emergency products and technologies, the 2,384-square-foot retail space will offer workshops to educate the public on emergency preparedness.

“This venture with Homestand is a giant step forward in helping Oklahoma residents be prepared in an emergency – and just as big of a step for our company as we strive to get closer to where are products are most needed,” said Phil Cox, founder and CEO of Legacy Food Storage. “In a place like Oklahoma, where natural disasters are more a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if,’ having the necessary supplies for safety and survival is essential. We want to make buying those supplies as easy and as painless as possible.”

About Legacy Food Storage
Legacy’s pre-packaged emergency food storage meals and products provide consumers with good tasting, high-quality food that is convenient and provides peace-of-mind knowing good food will be available during times of emergency or need. For more information, visit

About Homestand
Homestand Preparation Station is committed to delivering a well-rounded customer experience in order to help keep families safe, prepared and knowledgeable during times of duress and uncertainty, with the first store located in Northwest Oklahoma City at 63rd Street and May Avenue. Homestand features the latest products and technologies that supply power, water, food, light and shelter to families during times of emergency, as well as educational courses. A calendar of classes and product details are available at

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