Miscellaneous Survival Gear

First Aid Kits, water pumps, sanitation packs and more. Emergency survival gear can take on several forms and we need to be prepared in many ways. Add these extra kits to your emergency preparations to ensure that your family can handle any situation that may arise!

175-Piece First Aid Kit

Protecting your family in case of an emergency means covering all bases, including medical, and Legacy Food Storage helps you do so with this top of the line First Aid Kit. This 175-piece...

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$ 35.00

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21-Quart (20L) High-Performance Rotomolded Cooler

Durability, Ruggedness, Versatility, and Toughness! Those are the best adjectives to describe the Premium 21-Quart Rotomolded Coolers by Legacy. These heavy-duty coolers provide maximum ice retention, have more features than other coolers...

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$ 165.99

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Solar Powered Light - Sun King Pico Plus

New and Improved! 200% Brighter!Portable solar lamps have never been so simple or powerful! The Sun King™ Pico Plus is an amazing little light source that is perfect for tossing in...

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$ 24.95

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Sun King Home - Solar Lights System, PowerBank, USB Charger

Ever wish you had a complete lighting system powered by the sun? Well wish no more because we have found a fantastic solar powered lighting system to add to your emergency supplies....

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$ 179.95

Now Only: $ 149.99

Sun King Pro 400 - Solar Powered Light, Power Bank, and USB Charger

New and Improved! 333% Brighter!The Sun King Pro 400 is the gold standard in affordable, durable, long-lasting solar powered lanterns and is perfect to add to your emergency supplies. With 3...

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$ 69.99

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emergency prepper heavy duty shelving

You asked and we listened. We now offer heavy-duty, commercial grade gondola shelving by Lozier. Capable of holding and organizing your heavy and bulky food, water & fuel storage items, these shelves...

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$ 465.00

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Basic Auto Safety Kit

Emergency preparedness should never stop, especially while you are on the go! Add a Basic Auto Safety Kit to your emergency supplies, only store this one in the trunk of your car. This...

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$ 40.00

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Deluxe Auto Safety Kit

No one enjoys car problems, but being caught unprepared for them is even worse! The Deluxe Car Safety Kit from Legacy is a simple and effective kit to help you be prepared for...

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$ 89.99

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Ultimate Auto Emergency and Safety Kit

Car problems are the worst...especially if you are unprepared for them! Every car owner knows that preparing to have car issues or troubles at some point is probably a smart thing to...

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$ 179.99

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Emergency Survival Bottle

You won't believe how many basic survival necessities Legacy Food Storage was able to cram into one water bottle! This water bottle holds a first aid kit, a blanket, a handy survival whistle...

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$ 35.00

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Emergency Bug-In Kit with Sanitation Pack - Basic or Deluxe

Emergency preppers are always ready for whatever disaster they may have to face and we can help you be prepared, too. When you are without gas, electricity or water you can beat...

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$ 115.00

Now Only: $ 98.00

52-Quart (50L) High-Performance Rotomolded Cooler

Durability, Ruggedness, Versatility, and Toughness! The Premium 52-Quart High-Performance Rotomolded Coolers by Legacy are built for the wild and made to last! These heavy-duty coolers provide maximum ice retention with their innovative...

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$ 249.99

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Emergency Water Supply Box - 5 Gallon Container

The 5-Gallon Water Supply Box from Legacy Premium is the ultimate in space-saving and efficient water storage. Water storage is essential for an emergency, and most experts agree that having at least...

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$ 28.00

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Emergency Manual Well Pump - 25, 50, or 100 Feet

Many preppers ultimate dream is to have their own well for a constant supply of water, but having a sturdy, affordable emergency hand well pump that easily fits their well is the key to...

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$ 290.00

Now Only: $ 250.00

ThermaFuel – 1 Gallon Jug - Diethylene Glycol Long Shelf Life Fuel

ThermaFuel is a non-toxic, smokeless and clean burning fuel made of Diethylene Glycol. You can use indoors or outdoors with no worry of carbon monoxide. ThermaFuel is shelf stable for over 20 years,...

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$ 45.00

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ThermaFuel Refillable Emergency Stove – Complete Fuel & Stove System

Available in 2 options, the ThermaFuel refillable emergency stove is the perfect cooking system for any emergency. The refillable stove uses shelf stable, non-toxic ThermaFuel Diethylene Glycol fuel which can be burned...

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$ 100.00

Now Only: $ 89.00

73-Quart (70L) High-Performance Rotomolded Cooler

Durability, Ruggedness, Versatility, and Toughness! You aren't going to find a better option than the 73-Quart High-Performance Rotomolded Cooler by Legacy. These heavy-duty coolers keep the heat out with their innovative design, high...

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$ 319.99

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Complete Toilet Set with EcoGel

You never know when a disaster may come, especially when it comes to sanitation. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and backed up sewers may happen and flushing the toilet may not be an option. With...

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$ 48.99

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Eco Gel Sanitation Pack - 20 Gel Sticks and 10 Liner bags

EcoGel is a revolutionary new product that makes disposable of waste a dream come true, especially during an emergency. Each EcoGel Stick (20 included) is a pain-free way to treat up to...

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$ 39.99

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Solar Powered Water Purifier Backpack - 100 Gallons per Day

Water is the key to survival and absolutely critical to the human body. With the Solar Powered Water Filtration Backpack, you can filter up to 100 gallons per day of fresh, clean,...

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