Deluxe Auto Safety Kit

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Questions? (888)543-7345

No one enjoys car problems, but being caught unprepared for them is even worse! The Deluxe Car Safety Kit from Legacy is a simple and effective kit to help you be prepared for roadside issues that might arise and give you the gear needed to get back on your way. This emergency kit contains jumper cables, first aid kit, blankets, water pouches, rope, LED headlamp and more. Pop one of these in your car's trunk and go explore the open road knowing that you have some basic emergency gear should you get stuck.

Package Information
Roadside Emergency Gear
Jumper Cables, Triangle
Drinking Water, Blankets, Ponchos
53-piece First Aid Kit

Premium Car Safety Kit - Emergency Roadside Gear

Preparation is the key to avoiding disaster, no matter what problems come your way. Legacy Premium feels that there is great emergency gear available for all situations, even roadside mishaps. The Deluxe Car Safety Kit was created to provide an added layer of security anytime you get in your vehicle, be it car, truck, or RV. This roadside kit ensures that you will have adequate light to see under the hood with a powerful, LED headlamp. Also included are heavy duty work gloves, jumper cables, an ice scraper, emergency triangle, blankets, ponchos, water pouches and other unique emergency gear that provide peace of mind as you travel. Get the roadside protection you need with this fantastic little kit and enjoy wherever the road takes you!

Deluxe Car Safety Kit Contents -

  • Large Nylon Bag
  • Ice Scraper
  • Emergency Triangle
  • Heavy Gauge Jumper Cables
  • 2,400 Calorie Food Bar
  • (12) 4.2 oz Water Pouches
  • Oversized Emergency Blanket
  • 2 Adult Emergency Ponchos
  • 2-Person Tube Tent
  • Work Gloves
  • Multitool Knife
  • G.I. Can Opener
  • Roll of Duct Tape
  • 5-in-1 Whistle Tool
  • 5mm x 50' Rope
  • 2 Light Sticks
  • Deck of Playing Cards
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Pack of Waterproof Matches
  • 53-piece First Aid Kit (see contents below)
  • Roll of Toilet Paper
  • Motion Sensor LED Head Lamp
  • (6) AAA Batteries

53 pc First Aid Kit contents -

  • 15 - Small Bandages 3/8" x 1.5"
  • 20 - Medium Bandages .75" x 4"
  • 2 - Large Sterile Sponge Dressing: 2" x 2"
  • 5 - Butterfly Closures
  • 10 - Cotton Tip Applicators
  • First Aid Instruction Sheet