Sun King Pro 400 - Solar Powered Light, Power Bank, and USB Charger

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Questions? (888)543-7345

New and Improved! 333% Brighter!
The Sun King Pro 400 is the gold standard in affordable, durable, long-lasting solar powered lanterns and is perfect to add to your emergency supplies. With 3 brightness levels and up to 400 lumens, this compact solar light provides up to 100 hours of light on a single day of charging and gives you one more way to power your devices in an emergency. Light up your world with the Sun King Pro AN!

Package Information
Up to 400 Lumens
5 Year Battery Life
3 Brightness Levels
PowerBank and USB Charge Port

Solar Powered Lantern, USB Charger, and PowerBank

If ever we lose power in an emergency of disaster, having some alternative means to generate power will become a critical need for everyone. And while it won't power your home, the Sun King Pro 400 is a fantastic device to add light, USB charging and a power bank to your emergency preparations. This little device can provide up to 100 hours worth of light on a single day's charge. With 3 brightness levels to toggle between, the light output can be as bright as 400 lumens, which is perfect to light up your nights or dark places and 40X brighter than kerosene. Sun King uses a revolutionary Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery, which is more stable, ultra long lasting, and far superior to Lithium-Ion batteries. Encased in a durable, polycarbonate shell that is nearly unbreakable, this solar lantern is water-sealed and is built to last. Make sure that you have light and an extra power source in your emergency supplies by adding the Sun King Pro 400 to your stash today!

Sun King Pro 400 Benefits -

  • Durable, 5.5 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel w/ 16-Foot Cable
  • Devices can plug directly into the solar panels
  • Includes several device plug adapters
  • Includes 360-degree tilting stand
  • Provides up to 400 lumens
  • 3 Brightness Levels
  • Lithium Ferro-Phospate (LFP) battery
  • Water-sealed, nearly unbreakable ABS polycarbonate plastic shell
  • Up to 100 hour runtime from 1 sunny day of charging
  • 5 year battery life
  • 2 year warranty