Hammock Tent - Built-in Mosquito Net and Rain Fly

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Questions? (888)543-7345

Love the outdoors and want a great addition to your gear? Hammock tents from Legacy are just the thing: sturdy, simple to setup, great for camping and outdoor fun, and compact for storage. Each hammock tent is equipped with a mosquito net and rain fly for you to survive the elements. Choose from 4 different colors and add in an underquilt for added warmth, it may come in handy during an emergency!

Package Information
Compact Camping/Survival Gear
Great for Bug-out Kits
4 Vibrant Colors
Easy, fast setup

Hammock Tents by Legacy - Cool Survival Gear

If you love the outdoors like we do you are going to love the amazing Hammock Tent from Legacy. We are so excited to introduce this line of great camping/outdoor gear because we can't get enough time up in the mountains around us. And these hammock tents make time spent in the great outdoors even better because of the simplicity, comfort, and ease of setting them up.

Legacy Hammock tents come with almost everything you need for quick and easy setup, but you will have to supply the adventures and the trees! Included in your kit is the hammock tent and built-in mosquito net, rain fly, aluminum poles, straps, tie-down rope, aluminum stakes, carabiners and a bag to carry it all. Simple, easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions also give you a step by step guide to set up your new tent quickly. You will love the comfort of sleeping in a hammock tent, it sure beats sleeping on the cold, hard ground!

Each hammock tent comes with a built-in mosquito net and a simple rain fly to protect you from the worst parts of camping! Built from heavy-duty materials, these hammock tents are designed to last and are the perfect addition for any bug out kits, outdoor supplies, or just hanging in the backyard for relaxation. With 4 colors to choose from, find the perfect hammock tent for you to enjoy. And if you need some added warmth, we highly recommend you add in the Hammock Underquilt option. Each underquilt attaches quickly and easily to your hammock and provides an added measure of warmth and comfort. If you are planning on cold weather hammocking, we highly recommend the underquilt!

Emergency Hammock Tent Components -

  • Hammock and Mosquito Net
  • Rain Fly
  • Aluminum Poles
  • Straps
  • Tie-down Ropes
  • Carabiners
  • Aluminum Stakes
  • Carrying Bag
  • Optional: Underquilt and Stuff Bag