Sun King Home 40 Plus - Solar Lights System, 5.5W Solar Panel

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Price: 89.99
Questions? (888)543-7345
Questions? (888)543-7345

Portable on-the-go lighting has never been simpler than the Sun King Home 40 Plus system! With 2 tube lights providing up to 400 lumens, wall switches, control panel with built-in 2550 mAh Lithium-ion NMC battery, and 5.5W solar panel for charging, you have everything you need to keep your world bright around you, even amidst disaster or emergency!

Package Information
400 Total Lumens
2550mAh, 7.4V Lithium-Ion NMC Battery
5.5 Watt Solar Panel
Wall-mountable Light Switches

2 Tube Lamps - 400 Lumens - Solar Powered Lights

home 40 Plus package

Sun King is a name known around the world for simple, cost-effective, quality lighting for those that don't have great power options. And with the Sun King Home 40 Plus, they have done it again! This newly designed kit provides up to 400 lumens of light from 2 tube lights that run about 40X brighter than a kerosene lamp.

Not only does this powerful lighting system come with a durable, long lasting NMC battery, the Home 40 Plus Lithium-ion battery lasts twice as long as the average NMC battery lasts. Housed and stored safely within an almost unbreakable polycarbonate shell control unit, reading how much energy and power you have left is simple and clear.

Enjoy 3 power modes, low, normal, and turbo, that allow you to adjust the lighting level to quickly accommodate to your needs. And also included is a 5.5W solar panel for charging and keeping your lights bright. This Sun King Home 40 Plus kit is a great option for emergencies and ensuring you always have light, but it also works incredibly well in sheds, RVs, trailers, garages, or anywhere else you could use some extra lighting. Grab a kit and add it to your emergency supplies, or better yet, use it where you need lighting and have it ready to go if emergency needs arise!

Sun King Home 40 Plus Benefits -

  • Durable, 5.5 watt, 10.4 volt polycrystalline solar panel with aluminum frame and 5 meter cable
  • 2 Tube Lamps, each with up to 200 lumens LED lights
  • Provides up to 400 total lumens
  • 3 Brightness Levels
  • Lithium Ion NMC battery
  • 2550mAh battery
  • Rugged, nearly unbreakable polycarbonate shell with digital LED display
  • Up to 30 hour runtime from 1 sunny day of charging
  • 2 year warranty

Home 40 Plus system