Cooking Stoves and Ovens

Bobcat Emergency Multi-fuel Cooking Stove

Having the tools necessary to prepare meals without power is an essential part of disaster preparation. Legacy's Bobcat Emergency Multi-Fuel Cook Stove is an ideal cooking method for emergency preppers, outdoor adventurers,...

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$ 22.00

Emergency Stove, 16, 48, or 96 Hour Survival Fuel Source + Stove, Wrench & Gloves

** Due to massive demand, please allow 2-5 Business Days for this product to ship **NEW AND IMPROVED THERMAFUEL! 50% MORE EFFICIENT!! During an emergency situation, just as it is...

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$ 44.99

Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Ultimate Base Camp Kit

The Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp is the perfect addition to your emergency supplies. We have not found a more complete outdoor cooking stove kit anywhere. Use twigs, leaves, and...

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$ 169.99

Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kit

The Kelly Kettle Trekker Kit is an amazing add-on for your emergency supplies. This power kit comes complete with a Trekker Kettle, small cooking set, pot support, small hobo stove, and camp cup, all stuffed...

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$ 114.99

Portable Parabolic Sun Oven - Solar Cooking Appliance

Solar-powered cooking has never been this simple or efficient! With the Portable Parabolic Solar Oven by Legacy, everything you need, except the food, is self contained in one simple device...

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